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Templates are a handy way of plopping down complicated pieces of wiki magic into articles using simple text commands. They are essential for practically all articles, and any editor who wants to get serious will need to become familiar with many of them. The best way to learn how templates work is to see how they are used on existing pages, and then go to the template page itself to read the documentation.

Types of Templates

The following is a brief overview of all the basic template types an editor should expect to manipulate:

Navigation Templates

See all navigation templates

The simplest kind of template, navigation templates are simple templates that list several pages and facilitate page navigation. They are placed on pages of similar types, as can be seen with templates such as the {{Navbox-Games}} or {{Navbox-Glitches}} templates. These contain no extra parameters to modify.

Infobox Templates

See all infobox templates

Infobox templates have specific fields relating to particular topics depending on what the infobox's intended purpose is, such as {{game}} or {{system}}. These contain extra parameters to modify in order to display the necessary information.

For more information about how to use these templates, see this help page.

Formatting Templates

See all formatting templates

Formatting templates exist to help with the standardization of formatting across the Wiki - they essentially mold what you've written to appear a certain way. An excellent example would be the {{cite}} template; it ensures that all in-game citations in references appear the same throughout the entire site. These contain extra parameters to modify.

Notice Templates

See all notice templates

Notice templates are typically placed in an article as a flag for improving the article or telling users details. They are also used in user pages to notify users (such as welcoming, warning, and others.) Some templates may contain other parameters to modify.

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