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Talk:Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion

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Page move?[edit]

After seeing an attempted move (that really wasn't an actual page move), I think it's high time to finally get this discussion about how this level name (and associated music track) should be formatted underway, so here we go.

I believe the reason most Star Allies level names were formatted the way they were was because of lack of official English write-ups at the time (the only level names to be officially written outside of the level select were Far-Flung Starlight Heroes and Kirby Star Allies). Even though the level logos are part of the level select menu, again, it isn't really clear about how these names are formatted either (again, besides Far-Flung Starlight Heroes and Kirby Star Allies). Come Kirby Fighters 2 and the introduction of the Jambastion Entrance as a Battle Stage and we finally have proper formatting for the Jambastion as a whole. The full name of the stage is notably written out in English as Fortress of Shadows Jambastion Entrance, most notably without a dash as we've been using up to this point, and easily verifiable in-game (I believe either when you first unlock it at Fighters Rank 49 or when you look it up in the Rewards List after the fact).

As per wiki policy, we tend to use the most recent name and/or formatting for characters, items, locations, etc., so why would this be any different? It would also be consistent with the current redirect to the associated Battle Stage. But that's just my opinion. Any other thoughts? – Owencrazyboy17 (talk) 18:29, 3 February 2024 (UTC)

Considering the previously used (and current) format was never official, I support the move, BUT. Does this apply to other KSA levels, for consistency? World of Peace - Dream Land and World of Miracles - Planet Popstar. ShadowKirby (t/c) a.k.a. your new overlord ShadowMagolor 18:33, 3 February 2024 (UTC)
It is strange how only levels 3-5 have official write-ups, even if one of them was from an entirely different game. But I suppose we could move the other two level pages you brought up, for consistency's sake, even if I'm ultimately unsure about how to go about it. – Owencrazyboy17 (talk) 18:40, 3 February 2024 (UTC)
I'd also support moving this page and the other two for consistency. I'd never liked having the dash there, and now that we have evidence of the majority of them not including the dash, it would be good to make the switch. StarPunch (talk) 18:47, 3 February 2024 (UTC)
I don't see how the KF2 name relates to the formatting of the title of this page. That name appears to be a simple translation of the Japanese name of that stage, that has no formatting, and that name also has no subtitle like the name of this page has. If we remove the hyphen, it becomes unclear what is the title, and what is the name of the location. So, I oppose to the move, since I don't think one is related to the other at all. - Gigi (talkedits) 18:49, 3 February 2024 (UTC)
I agree with Gigi on the removal of the hyphen making it unclear what's the title and what's the location. Also keeping it like this is consistent with the KSA locations as they are. ---PinkYoshiFan 02:08, 12 February 2024 (UTC)
I vote for against the move, as I feel like it would get confusing trying to find the KSA level compared to the KF2 stage. I personally look for the KSA level a lot more than the KF2 stage, and it would be pretty jarring to look for something written with the dash in the KSA level but have the title not be formatted like it was in the game GoldenDragonLeaf (talk · edits) 23:17, 16 June 2024 (UTC)

It's been months since there was last a response here. So bumping again. - Gigi (talkedits) 22:21, 16 June 2024 (UTC)

Myself being easily swayed I don't have any particular opinion on the matter, so you can count out my previous vote. My point about consistency still stands in the case that a move does happen, but now it seems unlikely. ShadowKirby (t/c) a.k.a. your new overlord ShadowMagolor 04:21, 17 June 2024 (UTC)