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WiKirby is an English-language wiki. More specifically, it uses American English. As such, articles should be written only in English (barring quotes in other languages, more on that below) and American English spelling and American-localized names should take priority. If the editor wishes, there are a number of personal settings templates which can be used to spell words and names differently to the reader depending on the region, but these alternate spellings should not be used to replace American English spelling.

Use of Japanese and other non-English text

As the Kirby series is produced by HAL Laboratory, who is based in Japan, there will be many extra details that are lost in translation between regions. Where appropriate, editors may cite the original Japanese source material, so long as an English translation is provided. Regarding changes to canon between regions, the localized canon should always take priority. More details on that can be found in the Localization policy.

Quotes from other-language localizations should generally not be used except for the sake of trivia or for quoting specific real-life individuals. As before, an English translation should follow.

Names in other languages section

For the sake of readers who have a first language other than English, and for the sake of curiosity, articles are encouraged to have a "Names in other languages" section near the bottom of the page. This section should contain the names template filled with details regarding the differing names.