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Help:Moving pages

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Sometimes an article does not have the correct name. This could be due to a mistake on behalf of the original author, or new information may have appeared to make the old name obsolete. To fix this, editors have the power to move pages to different titles. The following is a brief guide on how to do that.

Before moving a page

Moving a page is a big deal, and as such, care should be taken before taking that action. To begin with, place a {{move}} template on top of the page to inform the community of the intention to move. The Move template has a parameter to suggest what the new name should be. To use it, type the following:

{{move|(insert name here)}}

This done, the editor may wish to start a conversation in the article's discussion page regarding the move request. For more information about using discussion pages, see the Talk pages help page. Ideally, when a discussion is started, it should be noted on the current events page, so other editors can be made aware that the discussion is happening.

Moving a page

Once a page is agreed to be moved, the editor is at liberty to begin. Start by locating the "move" tab on the article (in the same area as the "edit" tab). Select that to be taken to the move page, which looks like the following image:

An example of a move page.

Once on this page, the editor has several options to choose from before moving the page, as follows (some of these will not appear depending on various factors):

  • "New title" boxes - Two boxes exist here. On the right, the editor may specify what name the page will be moved to. Complications may occur if the name chosen already exists for a different page. On the left, the editor may choose a namespace for the article to be in, though changing this is usually not necessary.
  • Reason - In this text field, the editor should state the reason for moving the page. This should be a single short sentence like "Per talk page discussion." or "Changing to proper name."
  • Move associated talk page - This option will appear if the article has a discussion page. It is recommended that any associated talk pages be moved along with the article.
  • Leave a redirect behind - Checking this box will leave a redirect in place of the original place title which leads readers to the new article location. This is generally recommended unless the original name was a mistake.
  • Move subpages (up to 100) - Checking this box will move any associated sub-pages along with the main page. Checking this is recommended.
  • Watch source page and target page - Checking this box will notify the editor via e-mail whenever the moved page or its leftover redirect are altered by another editor. This can be deactivated later if the editor so chooses.
  • Move log - This area will inform the editor of any past moves the page has had, along with the reasons stated.

Once all fields are considered, the editor may proceed with the page move by clicking the "Move page" button at the bottom of the page.

After moving a page

Once a page has been moved, it is the mover's responsibility to change any links still leading to the old page location. This can be done by heading to the old page redirect and selecting the "What links here" option in the toolbox on the left of the page. If a particularly large amount of links need to be changed, the editor can solicit an Administrator+ to perform a text replace.

Moving files

Files can also be moved, and the process is very similar to moving a page. Since file names are not as visible as article names, files only need to be moved if they have bad names, as in, they don't follow the general file naming guidelines.

When moving a file, the editor should preferably not leave a file redirect behind. If that is not possible, or if the file is used in many pages, the file redirect should be marked as a candidate for deletion after all its links are changed to the new name.