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Discord is a free-to-use text and voice chatting service which allows users to join servers dedicated to specific subjects for discussion. It was intended specifically to cater to video-gaming and can operate either through a web browser or a standalone app for desktop or mobile. Users are capable of joining servers when given an invite, which can take the form of a permanent or temporary link. Once joined, users can be given various levels of permission over the server's functions through roles that the server owner (or other trusted members) can define. Servers consist of channels, which can either be text or voice-based. Text channels also allow users to share images, video, and other files. In addition, weblinks, bots, emoji, and other customizations can be added to servers for additional functionality. Aside from servers, users can also maintain a friends list and chat privately with them, or with other members of a server they share in common.

WiKirby Discord

WiKirby has an active Discord server, which can be joined by following this link. A Discord user account is required to join the server.

Also known as 'Shiver Star', the WiKirby Discord was originally founded by Fubaka. It was initially an independent Discord server until the agreement was made to attach it to WiKirby in June of 2017. In December 2018, ownership changed hands to FalcoLau who held it until February 2019, when ownership was returned to Fubaka. Ownership was later given to YoshiFlutterJump in March 2020 following his promotion to Editor-in-Chief. Following his retirement, ownership transferred to Gigi.


The WiKirby Discord has the following roles associated with it, in ascending order of priority. Users may have multiple roles, but the higher priority one takes precedent in the color of the user's name:

  • Everyone - New users enter this group by default, and if they have no other roles have white display names. These users are free to use text and voice messaging, upload images and change their usernames. They cannot post messages in the channels under the 'Important' category or other utility channels such as 'wikirby-rc'.
  • Editors - Same as above. These users are displayed in indigo, and are automatically conferred to any member who has an account on WiKirby or who appoints oneself that rank using the self-role channel.
  • Friends - Long-time Discord users who may or may not be active on the wiki. They have yellow names and have the same permissions as above, but they can also kick or mute other users when no higher role is around to deal with a situation.
  • Wiki Support - These users have limited Administrator status, but are primarily responsible for the upkeep of the wiki. They can be contacted to deal with server-side issues on WiKirby. These users have red names.
  • Patrollers - This rank is automatically bestowed to patrollers on WiKirby. Like Wiki Support users, they have access to staff chat and the Felicia log, but otherwise have no additional rights. These users are distinguished by their magenta usernames.
  • Moderators - This rank is automatically bestowed to moderators on WiKirby. On the Discord, their permissions are identical to those of patrollers. These users are distinguished by their orange usernames.
  • Administrators - This rank is automatically bestowed to administrators on WiKirby. Called 'Admins' for short; these users have all-but full control over the server, and can modify most aspects of it. They can also ban and unban users. These users have cyan names.
  • Bureaucrat - This rank is automatically bestowed to any bureaucrats on WiKirby, and distinguishes the current owner(s) of the server. They are distinguished by their pink usernames. Gigi, YoshiFlutterJump, Samwell, and tacopill hold this rank.

Other more minor roles exist, but these are for utility purposes only.


The WiKirby Discord operates under the following basic rules of conduct:

  1. Keep language PG--this extends to custom statuses. You can link to content with swearing, but be sure to post a content warning and hide any link embeds.
  2. Do not post anything NSFW
  3. Be respectful toward other members
  4. Do not spam or repeatedly post in the wrong channel
  5. If an Admin tells you to do something, do it
  6. If you have any issues with admins, please PM Gigi about it
  7. Do not ask to be given Admin status or any other staff role, unless you have said role on WiKirby.
  8. Please keep discussion of politics and other sensitive issues to a minimum
  9. If you wish to post a Discord server link here, please get an admin's permission first

While enforcement of rules is strict, punishment will not be dealt unless rules are broken repeatedly or egregiously. Punishment usually means a kick or ban of a predetermined length of time, and appeals can be made if this happens.

Current list of Admins and Wiki Support