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WiKirby:Deletion policy

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While WiKirby loves new content, there are times when articles or files are deemed worthy of removal from the wiki. There are a number of reasons why this may happen, which are outlined below. The following is WiKirby's deletion policy.

Page deletion by type


Generally, WiKirby prefers that articles are not deleted, but fixed up in some fashion. However, if nothing can be done to help the article, it should be deleted. An article may be suitable for deletion if it fits any of the following criteria:

  • it is a stub containing no truly unique information.
  • it is redundant, covering material that is already covered more adequately on a different article.
  • it covers something outside of WiKirby's purview; having no direct relation to the Kirby franchise. (see Non-Kirby content for details)


Files are not as secure as articles, and may be deleted for a broader stretch of reasons. A file may be suitable for deletion if it fits any of the following criteria:

  • it is low-quality and/or unsourced and has a suitable replacement.
  • it is an exact or inferior duplicate of another file.
  • it is a non-provided music track from Nintendo that has not been shortened to 30 seconds or less. (see audio standards for more detail)
  • it was taken from a non-Nintendo source without permission from the original owner. (see WiKirby:Copyrights)
  • it contains datamined and/or pirated content from a future-release game or other piece of media.
  • it is a personal file that has no listed source. (see WiKirby:Personal content policy for more detail)

File revisions

File revisions can be deleted as well. While it is preferred to keep file history intact, server space can be preserved by deleting certain revisions that meet one of the below requirements:

  • The revision is identical to a previous revision with no changes.
  • The revision is a completely different file uploaded over an existing one by mistake.
  • The revision contains illegal content (see last three above points).

Redirects and disambiguation pages

While it is not often necessary to delete these pages, the following criteria mark them as suitable for deletion:

  • they are not useful search terms.
  • they are based on typos or other spelling errors (exceptions can be given to typos frequently made by official sources, such as "Magalor" instead of "Magolor").
  • they are based on uncommon and unofficial phrases.
  • they are redirects containing qualifiers in parentheses.
  • they are file or talk page redirects.


Sometimes it is necessary to delete old templates that are no longer fit for purpose. A template may be suitable for deletion if:

  • it has little practical value.
  • it is redundant, performing a task that is done more elegantly by another template.

Talk pages

Talk pages may be deleted under the following criteria:

  • they are associated with a deleted page and are not suitable for archiving.
  • they are associated with a user who has been permanently blocked.

Tagging for deletion

When an editor deems a page necessary for deletion, the {{delete}} template should be placed at the top of the page along with a piped explanation. From there, discussion should follow in the talk page, and all alternatives should be considered first. Regular users and patrollers do not have the authority to delete pages, and as such, it is up to the administrators to perform this task.

If a page is deleted, its corresponding talk page (if it has one) and any sub-pages should either also be deleted or archived, depending on how much useful information is contained therein.

Restoring a deleted page

When an editor is linked to a page that was previously deleted, a box will appear above the editing space that displays the deletion log entry for that page. If this happens, the editor in question should consult with an administrator before re-creating the page (preferably the administrator who deleted it in the first place).

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