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Glitches can be fun, but they can also be dangerous. WiKirby welcomes articles covering glitches, but there are a few rules to follow when writing about them. The following is WiKirby's glitch policy.

  • By adding a glitch explanation to WiKirby the editor is agreeing that he/she has personally tested the glitch, or has a definitive knowledge that the glitch is possible, and can back that up with a source.
  • By adding a glitch explanation to WiKirby the editor agrees that he/she has written the instructions personally and not copied them from another source.
  • Glitches are to be laid out in the following format:

Name of Glitch

  • Effect: (What is the outcome of performing the glitch?)
  • Prerequisites: (Conditions required and minimum progress in the game when glitch is executable)
  • How To: (Detailed step by step instructions of how to execute the glitch)
  • Notes: (Notes about the glitch, if any)

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