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Take off!

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Take off!
First 30 seconds of Take off!
Debut appearance Kirby Memorial Arrangements (2017)
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai
Singer(s) Yasuhiro Mizushima
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"Take off!" is a song from the Kirby Memorial Arrangements album. The track is an arrangement of "Boarding the Halberd" from Kirby Super Star with lyrics.



あくSoldierソルジャー つらぬいて
野望やぼうねらさき Shining Star!シャイニングスター

背中せなかあずけた 相棒あいぼう

ばたけよ 不死鳥ふしちょう

おのけんそらへ Takeテイク Off!!オフ

ひそSoldierソルジャー いて
銀河ぎんがたびするは Shootingシューティング Starスター!

孤高ここう宿敵ライバル いどんでは
Heartハートを ける

堕落だらくした 世界せかい

おのけんそらへ Flyフライ Awayアウゥイ!!

aku no sorujā tsuranuite
yabō ga nerau saki shainingu sutā!

senaka azuketa aibō e
hāto sashidashi

habatakeyo fushichō
sono na harubādo

ono ga ken no sasu sora e teiku ofu!!

hisomu sorujā kirisaite
ginga o tabi suru wa shūtingu sutā!

kokō raibaru idonde wa
hāto o kakeru

daraku shita sekai e
ki wa juku shita zo

ono ga ken no sasu sora e furai awei!!

I slash through the evil soldiers
And with ambition, I aim towards the Shining Star!

Entrusting my back to my partner
I submit my heart

Flap your wings, Phoenix
The name's Halberd

With my shining sword, I take off to the skies!

I cleave up lurking soldiers
The Milky Way's traveling Shooting Star!

If my lone rival challenges me
I'll gamble my heart

My time has come to act
Against the corrupted world

With my shining sword, I fly away to the skies!


  • It is implied that Meta Knight is the singer.[1]
  • Stylistically, the lyrics to the song feature English words mixed with Japanese writing, which is often done in Japanese media to set a trendy and modern tone. In particular, the word 宿敵 (shukuteki), meaning "old enemy" or "nemesis", is read as the English word "rival".
  • The lyrics 堕落だらくした 世界せかいへ じゅくしたぞ ("My time has come to act / Against the corrupted world") are a reference to Meta Knight's dialogue in the opening cutscene of Revenge of Meta Knight:「機は熟した。いまこそ、我らが力を見せる時!だらくに満ちたプププランドを、この手で変えてくれる!」 ("The time has come. Now is the time to show our power! Dream Land has become corrupted, and we will change it with our own hands!") Note the shared usage of 堕落だらく ("corruption"), and also note that the line じゅくした ("The time has come") is nearly identical other than adding the emphatic particle ぞ.
    • In the English version of Revenge of Meta Knight, the equivalent dialogue is "The time has come. The time to show our power! Dream Land's lazy lifestyle will end! I will rule!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Take off!!