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Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary

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Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary was the official Japanese Kirby website's April Fool's prank for 2018. As a play on Kirby's ongoing celebration, it commemorated the 25th anniversary of Waddle Dees who also debuted in Kirby's Dream Land. It was succeeded by Square Kirby in 2019.


The Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary official website gives a description in Japanese:

Original Translation (unofficial)
Greetings from the Representative of the Waddle Dees
We, the Waddle Dees, debuted in the Game Boy game Kirby's Dream Land on April 27th, 1992, and 2017 marks our 25th anniversary.
そんなに好きなの? ぼくのこと
そんなにおいしい? わたしたち
We've been sucked up for the past 25 years, and we're neither malicious* nor motivated*... We don't yield any ability either... Why do you like us so much? Are we that delicious?
Oh, no, bad guys are coming! Alright, we'll leave this to Kirby and his new friends. Overcome us and stay strong, because Dream Land is counting on you!
We'll keep doing our best, too, so we'd appreciate it if you could continue to support us Waddle Dees.

Translation notes:
* ワル気 (warugi, "malice") and ヤル気 (yaruki, "motivation") are puns on Waddle Dee's Japanese name, Wadorudi.


The website contains a link to the Waddle Dees' official character page. The banner links to the official websites of Kirby Star Allies and Kirby Battle Royale have the characters all replaced by Waddle Dees, and the links lead to pop-up illustrations of King Dedede and Meta Knight when clicked, clarifying the April Fool's prank. The merchandise section of the website features three of the same item, a Waddle Dee vinyl toy; this is an actual piece of merchandise.

When the prank was over, the site was moved from the main Kirby page to a sub-page, where it can still be accessed today. The fake game links are appended with a note clarifying that they are not official products, but clicking on them still brings up the appropriate April Fool's pop-up illustrations.


  • The Kirby series' actual anniversary was in 2017, but the "Kirby 25th Anniversary" celebration ended on April 27th, 2018 with the website's rebranding to "Kirby Portal", so the Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary joke still fell within the timeframe of the celebration.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のワドルディ25周年
Hoshi no wadorudi 25-shūnen
Waddle Dee of the Stars 25th Anniversary
Hoshi no Wadorudi, or "Waddle Dee of the Stars", is a joke on the Kirby franchise's Japanese name, Hoshi no Kābī ("Kirby of the Stars").