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HEJ! I'm Superbound[talk] and i own Kirby Super Star (99% completion, missing two treasures) and Kirby Dream Course (1P Mode completed). I previously contribiuted as Link to sandbox and signature.

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RAMEN! (image unrelated)


For future reference for Template:FA/doc. Why won't I just use WiKirby:Featured Article Nomination/Archive? Well, one - it's hard to view it from newest to oldest, two - it also lists articles which were unfeatured (can confuse +1) and three - it doesn't list fast-featured artcile (can confuse +1). I'll update it rarely (probably once a month), so treat it with grain of salt. Last updated 08.07.2020


Same as above but for Template:FP3/doc. Needs work but i'll get to it later.

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