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Wiki Philosophies
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Wikis you'll find Axiomist

  • Zelda most prominent stomping ground of the past- less so now, but they are in good hands. There's still some articles I want to start there but need to WiKirby to a good size and known better to Kirby fans.
  • Wars Wiki- aiming to get some stress free casual wiki editing done there, if time would ever allow :(.
  • Strategy Wiki- started and plan to work on both WiKirby and Strategy Wiki while covering the games in the series. I'm on Canvas Curse now, and have up to Mag Mount written up.

What I'm going to do now/next

Going to be working on Canvas Curse levels mostly. But my top priority will be the task of helping our buddy wiki, Wars Wiki get a great main page going. I'll still be checking on things here and keeping WiKirby open in a tab, constantly refreshed to deal with anything urgent. To answer why I plan to help another wiki with a core aspect of their site; Wars Wiki is now a NIWA member, and I think it's important to keep the alliance strong. If any member wiki needs help on anything I have even a little experience with, I'll do whatever I can to assist.

Copy Ability breakdown notes

  • Temporary
  • Weapon
  • Elemental (ice) (fire) (earth) (electrical) (magic)
  • Projectile Attack
  • Contact Attack
  • Passive Attack
    • some may fit into multiple types, like Burning is fire and contact.
    • this is meant to be worked on and brainstormed by anyone willing.

Ok, work is slowing down a bit in the next few days. I'm going to be back in here soon. I've played a lot of K&tAM on the long trips to and from work. It's not 100% completed, but I think I'll focus on that game until everything possible has an article for it going, however small. After that I'll be hitting up Canvas Curse. Thanks to everyone that helped keep an eye on WiKirby while I was away!

To Do

MetaKnight.png This user is proud to have kicked ass on [[::Reddy Land|Reddy Land]], [[::Plant Plain|Plant Plain]], [[::Tiny Town|Tiny Town]] and [[::Ravine Road|Ravine Road]]