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Pink yarn yoshi.pngWelcome, the unknown reader. Have a look around.
Hey, I'm PinkYoshiFan, known as PYF on some things like Switch. I'm the current Assistant EiC. Of all the NIWA wiki's I'm on I'm only really active here and on MiiWiki. Also, while I can be contacted via my talk page, it'll probably be easier to communicate on the wiki's discord server. I've made 7,307[note 1] edits. Wiki-wise, I'm also active as an admin here and here. I also have a mostly functional dark mode.



Kirby games I own  
Game Completion Notes
KSA Boxart NA.jpg 100%, HiAD completed with good ending
SKC eShop artwork.jpg All quests clear at Level 73, silver or higher on all of them. Last 4ish party quests cleared solo.
  • Sword Hero: Sea Saw and Fish Helm SDX
  • Hammer Lord: D-Mind Revenge set SDX
  • Doctor Healmore: Starlight set base
  • Beam Mage: Starlight set SDX
KSS Ultra box art.png 86% (TTA not completed, MWW 100%, GCO 30ish)
Kirby Fighters 2 Banner.jpg Story Mode fully complete with platinum on final chapter, Very Hard Single-Handed Mode beaten
KTD Boxart NA.jpg 98% The rest is non-rare keychains I should probably grind out at some point
KPR Box.png 100%
KBR box art.jpg Dedede's Cake Royale complete, all abilities and modes unlocked.
KatFL box art.jpg Oficially 100%, but Tilt-a-Kirby 3 EX not done
KDB cover art.jpg 100%
KRtDLD Boxart NA.jpg Crown%
Other Kirby games I've played
KatAM cover art.jpg Beaten Via emulator, the game that got me into the series.
KNiDL box artwork.jpg Beaten Via emulator
Kirby Air Ride boxart.png No checklists complete, Hydra unlocked in Free Run
KRtDL Boxart L.jpg Beat main game Via library
Kirby's Dream Collection box art.png All New Challenge stages clear with Silver
(except the two EX ones, which are clear with bronze)
KEEY Rated Cover.jpg 51%, Slash and Bead all S
KDL NA Box.jpg Dedede dededefeated on normal game (twice)
KDL2 Box.png 93% All Rainbow Drops and Dark Matter defeated with rewinds
KDC Cover.jpg Beaten Main Game and unlocked extra game
KDL3 Box.jpg Started, but can't remember if I even beat the first boss Gave up on, just didn't really interest me as much as other Kirby games for some reason.
K64 The Crystal Shards box art.png 69%, Miracle Matter not defeated

Non-Kirby games covered here

Smash games I own  
Game Completion Notes
SSBB Cover.jpg In the Great Maze right now, but not too worried about ever finishing.
Smash 3DS Box Art.png N/A
SSB4 Cover.png N/A
Smash Ultimate Box Art.png World of Light 100%
over 1,000 spirits on the Spirit List (including all base game Legend-classes)


  • On October 26, 2018, I created my account here.
  • As of June 30, 2020, I have made 1,000 edits.
  • As of August 3rd, 2020, I am a patroller.
  • As of September 10th, 2020, I am a moderator.
  • As of Feburary 16, 2021, I have made 2,000 edits.
  • As of April 24, 2022, I have made 3,000 edits.
  • As of June 28, 2022, I am an Administrator.
  • As of July 1, 2022, I have made 4,000 edits.
  • As of December 9th, 2022 I am the Assistiant Editor-in-Chief and a Bureaucrat
  • As of Feburary 27, 2023 I have made 5,000 edits
  1. 1.0 1.1 Transcluding the editcount number is weird and gives a higher result than the special page's number, probably something related to deleted pages. Also both numbers include automatic text replaces, of which I have 531 as of 4\21\2024.