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General info
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I am an Administrator on WiKirby!
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I am female
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My birthday is April 30th
I am from the United States
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You can't have Jelly without Jam
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Waddle Doo approves of this userbox and he hopes the unknown reader trusts him on that
Total contributions: 7,252
So, I assume you are here because of my message to you on the wiki, yes?
— Samwell (aka Spermwhale, Sir Vampire Pirate Wizard Knight of Ganymede, The Creator, The Sock, Honorable Old Man, The Goodest of Good Sirs, The Finest of Fine Sirs, Sam-Hammitty Bammitty-Bam, and Samwell Magnesi: Vacuum Cleaner Salesman) on the downloadable communication software known as Discord, mere moments before disaster hit him smack dab in the face in the most unbelievably horrifying way conceivably possible to that of the average human mind

Hello! I'm a lassie who's an Administrator around these parts. I was previously under the name MetaDragon. I'm always happy to provide help if I can, so please, feel free to message me for help on my talk page or on WiKirby's Discord server if you need anything!

Obviously, I'm a big fan of the Kirby series, although I'm also a fan of the Pikmin series. Aside from picking up and playing a video game sometimes, I enjoy taking a stroll or relaxing in nature and re-evaluating myself. Unfortunately, allergies make this harder for me to do most of the time. I've been a pianist for around four years and compose here and there. On that note, I'm musically inclined and listen to music pretty much all the time. My musical tastes are all over the place sgdhsgdgh. I'm a writer and love to read. I've been told I'm a good listener, too. Lastly, I'm an artist who draws both traditional and digital pieces, and taking pictures is a passion of mine.

It's a goal of mine to help people and bring a little more brightness into their life if I can to the best of my ability. I love talking and meeting new people, but can be very insecure, with a load of disorders and all, so please bear with me. I'm fond of animals, particularly birds, felines, and canines. Not an animal, but I also really like spiders oddly enough, haha. Oh and in case you wanted to know, I'm particularly fond of the colors purple and blue. I'm happy to provide the internet with in-depth accurate information on the Kirby series. It's fun and exciting to me, especially with such a good community involved. I've met several great people here doing this.

If you have no context you might think Samwell is my brother and you wouldn't necessarily be wrong. :)

Special music  
Thanks a bundle for this, buddy <3
"Remember all the special days we had? Like a dream, every little thing makes me glad."

"Some day it will come true, just believe."
List of Kirby games I own  
Game Owned on Notes
KPL logo.png 3DS Virtual Console
KDC logo.png 3DS Virtual Console
KBBa logo.jpg 3DS Virtual Console
KSS Box NA.jpg Wii U Virtual Console This was the first Kirby game I ever played.
KAR logo.svg GameCube
KEY logo.png Wii
KRtDL logo.png Wii This Kirby game holds a very special place in my heart, even though Kirby and the Forgotten Land is my utmost favorite.
KFD logo.png 3DS
DDDD logo.png 3DS
TKCD logo.png 3DS
KBBl logo.png 3DS
KSA logo.png Switch I wanted this game so badly when it first released that I got scammed after trying to buy it cheap right off the bat. X'D
KF2 logo.png Switch
KatFL logo.png Switch Despite it not being necessary in the end, Sam offered to freely buy this game for me, so I will put this as a note so I won't forget this one of many acts of kindness from him. C:


I have a few specific projects here on WiKirby. More or less, they involve more effort than general editing. These projects are as follows:

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