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Hello the unknown reader, I am kirb. I edit. This is my profile.
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Kirby disapproves of FANDOM



  • Fixing grammar and spelig.
  • Uploading images.
  • Making tables.


  • Getting screenshots from KF/KFD and KPR.
  • Adding details on every stub to project clean-up.
  • Adding details on every article under construction to project clean-up.
  • Uploading a few last screenshots from KBR.


  • Uploaded over 800 images, largely from KPR, KTD, and KBR.
  • Added all of the KTD and KPR stage images.
  • Made the new favicon yay.
  • Removed all incorrect JPG and PNG file extensions.
  • Added details on every needed image.
  • Made the 2021 April Fool's article.
  • Added enemy location tables for all enemies in KPR, KTD, KRtDL, and KSA.
  • Finished up file categorizing in project clean-up.


  • Rename some more files.
  • Add various enemy location tables, mostly from older games.

Games I have[edit]

Game Completed Type Owned
Dream Land 100% Virtual (3DS)
Pinball Land 0% Virtual (3DS)
Adventure 80% Virtual (3DS)
Dream Course 5% Switch Online
Dream Land 2 100% Virtual (3DS)
Block Ball 0% Virtual (3DS)
Super Star 10% Switch Online
Dream Land 3 10% Switch Online
Star Stacker 0% Virtual (3DS)
Mass Attack 50% Physical (DS)
Return to
Dream Land
100% Physical (Wii)
Triple Deluxe 100% Physical (3DS)
Fighters Deluxe 100% Digital (3DS)
Drum Dash Deluxe 95% Digital (3DS)
Planet Robobot 99% Physical (3DS)
Clash Deluxe 95% Digital (3DS)
Blowout Blast 90% Digital (3DS)
Battle Royale 90% Physical (3DS)
Star Allies 100% Physical (Switch)
Extra Epic Yarn 70% Physical (3DS)
Super Clash 50% Digital (Switch)
Fighters 2 20% Digital (Switch)