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And the sacred knowledge they saved for the world can be followed and known in their writings.
They themselves are dead and gone, but their names are immortal in books.

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Kirby disapproves of FANDOM



  • Uploaded over 2500 images, largely from 3DS and Wii games
  • Renaming images
  • Making tables
  • Fixing grammar and spelig



  • Made this cool new userbox template
  • Compiled a list of all of the news and events from the Kirby Portal
  • Recaptured KPL images
  • Captured KBBl images
  • Fixed up all pages relating to KBR
  • Added all of the KTD and KPR stage images
  • Made the new favicon
  • Removed all incorrect JPG and PNG file extensions
  • Added details on every needed image
  • Made a 2021 April Fool's article
  • Added enemy location tables for all enemies in KPR, KTD, KRtDL, and KSA
  • Finished up file categorizing in project clean-up


  • Add various enemy location tables, mostly from older games
  • Make a stage page for Dededetour! I have all the images for it kept here so they aren't unused.
  • Compile menus from the Kirby Cafe.


  • 2020.09.22 - First edit
  • 2020.09.22 - Autopatrol
  • 2020.10.01 - 1000 edits
  • 2020.11.14 - 2000 edits
  • 2020.12.04 - Patroller
  • 2020.12.23 - 3000 edits
  • 2021.01.04 - 4000 edits
  • 2021.01.30 - 5000 edits
  • 2021.02.14 - 6000 edits
  • 2021.02.25 - 7000 edits
  • 2021.03.07 - 8000 edits
  • 2021.03.09 - 1000 images uploaded
  • 2021.03.23 - 9000 edits
  • 2021.05.07 - 10000 edits
  • 2021.06.18 - 11000 edits
  • 2021.06.25 - Moderator
  • 2021.06.26 - 1500 images uploaded
  • 2021.07.30 - 12000 edits
  • 2021.08.05 - 2000 images uploaded
  • 2021.09.06 - 13000 edits
  • 2021.11.14 - 14000 edits
  • 2022.01.12 - 15000 edits

A Song[edit]

What Do You Dream About? by Hello Meteor