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Hi! I'm Owencrazyboy17, and I just absolutely love Kirby. He's easily in the top spot for cutest video game characters of all time and his recent four mainline games are just quality material (despite them all looking the same). In fact, I actually seem to be playing Kirby games more often than most other video game franchises these days, with Kirby Battle Royale, Kirby Star Allies and Super Kirby Clash being my games of choice in recent memory.

I'm now an administrator for this wiki!

Kirby Games I Own[edit]

What games do I own currently at the moment? Well, here's a quick list:


Want to see what kinds of ingenious things I'm working on for this wiki? The personal Sandbox is the place to be to check up on works-in-progress. It will most likely be composer credits for various Kirby tunes, but the actual page-in-progress might also be found in there at some point, too. Who knows?

I'll continue to update this page whenever I feel like it. Just not right now.