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Hai! I mostly do maintenance tasks here, like adding categories that aren't there, but should be. I'm mostly active at Wikimedia Commons (verify) as a patroller, rollbacker, and filemover there. I also edit on WikiBound. I live in the Philippines, which sits in the UTC+8 timezone. So if it takes too long for a response from me, I'm probably asleep. Wait for at least 12 hours I guess.

I first knew about Kirby when Flipnote Hatena was still alive. There was a flipnote series if I remember correctly was named "Kirby Fails", which shows bosses failing to defeat Kirby in funny ways. I didn't get the references (like Ado running out of paint), but I found them funny regardless (I was a kid that time).

Currently, I had played KDL1 to 3 and Kirby 64, and defeated the final bosses of those games. I play them in an emulator, because I'm too broke to afford consoles for them. I haven't played Adventure, Kirby Super Star, and any other games and spin-offs past K64.

I own a working Nintendo 3DS and DSi. I also had a GBA, GBA SP, and DS Lite, but all three of them are broken. :( I also played Super Mario 64 on a real Nintendo 64 for a short time while I was in a dental clinic (I think?) in the United States.

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  • Automatic categorization for {{Artwork}} just like what I did on {{Game screenshot}} Done
  • Clarify the copyright status of the ability icons of KDL3 at commons:Commons:Village pump/Copyright
  • Automatic categorization for {{aboutfile}} using the game parameter Unfortunately, I didn't knew there would be non-Kirby images which will use a non-Kirby game as a value for the game parameter, and I can't figure out how to make the template tell whether it is a Kirby game (which should categorize) or not (which shouldn't categorize). So this is impossible.
  • Diffusing Category:Anime episode images into per-episode categories Done mainly by others
  • Removing categories made redundant by templates. Thankfully, I don't have to do this by hand, because an AWB-like script exists on the English Wikipedia, and it works perfectly here. (I don't have to use the JWB either. I finally figured out how to make the real AWB work with GNU/Linux.)
  • Major renames using pywikibot
  • Separate anime scenes into its own category Done.
  • Vectorize title font. I uploaded by hand up to F, but from G, I will now use pywikibot to upload. (Note: I was made known by StrawberryChan that the images are going to be replaced by a true font. I thought my effort's wasted, but it seems I'm wrong. The SVGs can be used as fallback. So I'm gonna continue the vectorization.)
    • 26 letters Done
      • Capitalized Done
      • Small Done
    • Numbers Done
    • Accented letters
    • Symbols
    • Pink letters
  • Clear the unpatrolled edits backlog (see patrol log)