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Hi, I like consistent information and I like Kirby, thus I like to make people have consistent info about Kirby.
You will see me mostly adding certain specific things of a certain game, but you will also see me putting files around, and maybe writing some articles and stuff.
My native idiom is Spanish, so you will see me around Names in Other Languages Spanish things and such. I am not perfect with English, so you may see me doing some grammar mistakes on that side. :D

My in-wiki links:

Things to do[edit]

A lists of things that I want to do. If you are searching for something to do, and are evading the existence of Maintenance, know that help with any of this is appreciated ;)

Insert images on the respective pages[edit]

There are some "groups of images" that feature a lot of images of characters or items, but those images aren't in the page of the respective characters of items. So the point is including every of the next images on the pages of the things that they represent (for example the Qbby sticker is already on the Qbby page, so the point is doing that with every image.):

  • The Keychains
  • The Planet Robobot Stickers
  • The Super Clash Stickers
  • Doing that on Kirby and the Rainbow Curse/gallery, but in reverse: Track every image of every thing across different pages, like renders and screenshots of characters, and put them in the gallery (like, not even Elline's images are there). Also, creating captions for the images at the beginning of the page.
    • The same thing with Kirby Star Allies/gallery, but primarily with stage screenshots. (Rainbow Curse have stage screenshots but lacks renders. Star Allies have renders but lacks stage screenshots. Huh.)
  • Kirby Mass Attack, my belovehated:
    • Capture images of every stage.
    • Write stage overviews for every stage of the game.
    • Inspect some weird website images that have pre-release content, like this thang in where Whispy Woods's stage has a star that isn't present in the final game, or that Pink Bigger Stactus image linked above that have a background not seen nor in the normal fight, nor in the Survival Rush fight. There is also that one web game that have the Grapes artwork, the Icy level artwork on this t h i n g, the demo, and pain.
    • There are two images which I want to capture that, to my knowledge, are of scenes that only happen one time per save file and can't be seen again until you get there again in a new save file. One is about one Big Switch that can only be seen pressed when it is obtained afaik, and the other is about the Popopo Islands without any UI that only can be seen in a short cutscene after finishing Volcano Valley. So having them in mind.
  • Roll around images of Kirby's Dream Land 2 by almost the same reasons as Mass Attack, as so: Diving in game pages to put images on the gallery, flying through the gallery to put images like these on game pages, and bamboozling through the game's image category aaa to put images on both.

Useful links[edit]


Links that are useful. Yeah that. You may want to read them.

Drink Water[edit]

This is your reminder to Sleep Well and Drink Water Eat Dragon Fruits, they may be good to you.