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User Pages

The help page says to put suggestions here, so... This definitely needs information on user pages; what they are, how to create one, what's allowed on one, etc. Also limits for things like sigs and personal images; I couldn't find anything on that in the help, although rules on those appear to exist. (If these things are already there, nevermind. I can't find them though, so if they exist, they're evidently not easy enough to locate.)--Vellidragon 10:19, 9 September 2010 (CDT)


Kirby games have a variety of music with a variety of remixes. Should there be a separate page for music in the game, or should it be on the page. Should it be cited? Also, are official remixes of Kirby games allowed on the page that the music originally came from (i.e.: Gourmet Race Brawl Theme in the Gourmet Race Page)?