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Let's Be Friends♡

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Let's Be Friends♡
30-second clip of "Let's Be Friends♡" from Kirby Star Allies.
Debut appearance Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Composer(s) Hirokazu Ando
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"Let's Be Friends♡"[derived from Japanese] is a cutscene theme from Kirby Star Allies that plays upon starting said game for the very first time in a cutscene with Kirby and his Friends. It was composed by Hirokazu Ando.


Let's be friends!

"Let's Be Friends♡" is a happy theme that incorporates famed leitmotifs such as the game's main theme, "Twinkle☆Stars" and "Grand Opening" from Kirby Super Star. The intro of the song can be seen as an homage to the latter's intro. The theme as a whole is quite fast and is mainly composed of brass trumpets, strings and melodic synths. After the Warp Star intro is settled, the pink puffball himself enters the scene in fashion. As the trumpets and synths play major sevenths in second inversions, Kirby encounter foes which he uses a Friend Heart on to turn them into the titular Star Allies. Moving to the sweet second section, the synths modulate dissonant sixteenths between the tonic and submediant while Kirby showcases different Power Effects enhancing his weapon-based Copy Abilities. As the theme reaches its resolution section, strings and synths play along each other while being mindful of the tonic harmonies the theme develops. The trumpets let out a swift excerpt of "Twinkle☆Stars" as the track comes to a close. It concludes with the Star Allies gleefully lifting up the puffball.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Let's Make Friends♡[1]
The Japanese title of the cutscene named "Let's Be Friends♡" in English.