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Single Minigame on the menu in Kirby's Dream Buffet.
This article is about the game mode in Kirby's Dream Buffet, and should not be confused with Sub-Games from the overall Kirby series.
A bite-sized minigame where players battle to eat more strawberries than anyone else.
— Menu description for Single Minigame in Kirby's Dream Buffet

Minigame is one of the three main game modes in Kirby's Dream Buffet. In this mode, the Kirbys compete in a small arena to collect the most strawberries in a limited time by catching them from the sky, busting crates, or defeating enemies.


Minigames form a portion of the Gourmet Grand Prix mode, serving as the second event. Alternatively, minigames can be played individually in the Single Minigame mode. There are a few differences between Single Minigame and those in Gourmet Grand Prix, mainly that Single Minigame gives players 30 seconds as opposed to 20 in the Grand Prix, and that Kirbys start off larger at 0 strawberries in Single Minigame than they would in the Grand Prix mode. The player cannot earn Character Treats when playing the Single Minigame mode, nor are there any results bonuses.

There are three main methods of play that can happen when playing a minigame stage, though whether they are available depends on which stage is being played. These are as follows:

  • "Defeat enemies and eat strawberries" (Battle) - In this mode, enemies appear carrying strawberries and proceed to hold position or run around the arena until someone defeats them to claim their strawberries. Some enemies carry stacks of three. Food Boxes containing Copy Foods may also appear.
  • "Crumble crates and eat strawberries" (Crates) - In this mode, crates appear in random locations, and they can be broken to reveal strawberries inside that scatter about. Two different sizes of crates appear, with larger crates taking longer to break, but holding more strawberries. Larger Kirbys can break crates more quickly than smaller ones.
  • "Eat the falling strawberries" (Drop) - In this mode, strawberries fall from the sky in random places, and disappear after a while if not picked up. Single or piles of three can fall, and later on, large spiky bombs can drop as well, which momentarily stun anyone caught in the blast. The Teatime stage has a special version of this game mode.


Minigame stages are chosen automatically by the game when playing Gourmet Grand Prix or Single Race, though the player has a good chance of seeing every course and variant if they play continuously without too many repeats. The minigames are as follows:

Stage No. of variants Minigame types Unlock criteria Description  
6 Battle and Drop Available at start A small circular board consisting of veggies and crackers floating in cheese fondue, which slows down any Kirbys that fall into it.
3 Drop Available at start A small circular arena consisting of a cake with a separate central area which may or may not be a chasm with bridges spanning it.
9 Battle, Crates, and Drop Available at start A hexagonal board made of various cupcakes which create a bumpy surface. Some of the cupcakes have chocolate on them that can slow Kirbys down.
1 Battle and Drop Unlocked at Rank 28 A heart-shaped board consisting of a cake made to resemble Elfilin from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
1 Battle and Drop Unlocked at Rank 10 A board consisting of a cake shaped like Kirby, featuring an area in the middle that rotates continuously.
9 Battle, Crates, and Drop Available at start A square board consisting of a giant pie with various obstacles inset, which can come in many varieties.
2 Drop (special) Available at start A circular board set on a table containing teacups and plates. The teacups appear out of nowhere on the plates shortly before strawberries fall into them, then disappear afterward.
6 Battle, Crates, and Drop Available at start A giant plate with a waffle in the middle, which can come in various shapes and varieties.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニゲーム
Traditional Chinese 小遊戲
xiǎo yóu xì
Simplified Chinese 小游戏
xiǎo yóu xì
French Mini-jeu Minigame
German Minispiel Minigame
Italian Minigioco Minigame
Korean 미니게임
Portuguese Minijogo Minigame
Spanish Minijuego Minigame