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KDB Waffle preview screenshot.png
Preview screenshot of the Waffle stage.
Type Minigame
Unlock criteria Available from start
No. of variants 6 (2 "drop", 2 "battle", 2 "crate")
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Waffle is one of the eight Minigame stages in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It is available from the start, and consists of a giant plate with a waffle in the center, which can have various toppings and cutlery beside it.


This stage is relatively straightforward, with a large plate serving as the base with a waffle in the middle acting as a raised "hill" area. There is typically cutlery laying on the waffle to act as ramps, and the waffle may also have a topping in the middle that acts as an obstacle.

There are a total of six different layouts for this stage, each featuring a distinct plate shape, central waffle, and associated cutlery and toppings. Two of these are for the "Eat the falling strawberries" event, two more are for the "Defeat enemies and eat strawberries" event, and the last two are for the "Crumble crates and eat strawberries" event.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワッフル
Dutch Wafel Waffle
French Gaufre Waffle
German Waffel Waffle
Korean 와플
Portuguese Waffle -