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Magolor Cake

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Magolor Cake
KDB Magolor Cake preview screenshot.png
Preview screenshot of the Magolor Cake stage.
Type Battle Royale
Unlock criteria Attain Gourmet Rank 50
No. of variants 1
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Magolor Cake is one of the eight Battle Royale stages in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It can be unlocked by attaining a Gourmet Rank of 50 (making it the last unlockable stage in the game), and pits the Kirbys against each-other on a series of cakes themed after Magolor.


This stage consists of three large cakes; one of which is made to resemble Magolor and the other two resemble gears which slowly turn. The Magolor cake sits in the center with the gear cakes on both sides connected by wafer bridges. The stage overall is fairly flat, with no real obstacles at first. Later on, the Server Hands use the Dream Fork to pluck out the middle portions of the gear cakes, leaving holes in them.

There are no variants to this stage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マホロアケーキ
Mahoroa kēki
Magolor Cake
French Gâteau Magolor Magolor Cake
German Magolor-Torte Magolor torte
Korean 마버로아 케이크
mabeoroa keikeu
Magolor Cake
Portuguese Bolo Magolor Magolor Cake