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Sheet Cake

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Sheet Cake
KDB Sheet Cake preview screenshot.png
Preview screenshot of the Sheet Cake stage.
Type Battle Royale
Unlock criteria Available from start
No. of variants 3
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Sheet Cake is one of the eight Battle Royale stages in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It is available from the start, and pits the Kirbys against each-other on a rectangular arena made of slices of cake.


This stage is wide and rectangular, composed of large blocks of sheet cake that form a tile-like structure. For the most part, the topography of this stage is not significant, though it can and does shift over the course of the game. One of the boards also features Gordos as hazards to be contended with.

There are three different possible variants for this stage, each of which has its own theme and patterns. Two of these are fairly similar, featuring slices of cake that shift up and down at regular intervals, while the third has a more solid layout which features a lower area in the middle with ramps leading into it. In the former two, the Server Hands come and take a piece out of the middle using the Dream Fork to form a hole in the board, while in the latter, some of the ramps get taken out instead.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スクエアケーキ
Sukuea kēki
Square Cake
Chinese 方形蛋糕
fāng xíng dàn gāo
Square Cake
Dutch Blokjestaart Block cake
French Gâteau rectangulaire Rectangular cake
German Schachmusterkuchen Chess pattern cake
Korean 스퀘어 케이크
seukweeo keikeu
Square Cake
Portuguese Bolo xadrez Checkered cake