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Cheese Fondue

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Cheese Fondue
KDB Cheese Fondue preview screenshot.png
Preview screenshot of the Cheese Fondue stage.
Type Minigame
Unlock criteria Available from start
No. of variants 6 (3 "drop", 3 "battle")
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Cheese Fondue is one of the eight Minigame stages in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It is available from the start, and consists of a circular pot of cheese fondue filled with various food items which act as platforms.


The main hazard to contend with in this stage is the cheese fondue, which severely slows down any Kirby that tries to roll through it. Atop the fondue are several pieces of food that act as platforms, including crackers, hot dogs, and various veggies including onion, pepper, carrot, and cucumber slices. Additionally, there may be pokers stuck into some of the platforms that act as barriers. While the game progresses, all of these platforms slowly rotate together around the bowl either clockwise or counterclockwise.

There are a total of six different layouts for this stage, each featuring its own set of food platforms and pokers. Three of these are for the "Eat the falling strawberries" event, while the other three are for the "Defeat enemies and eat strawberries" event.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チーズフォンデュ
Chīzu fondyu
Cheese Fondue
French Fondue au fromage Cheese Fondue
German Käsefondue Cheese fondue
Korean 치즈퐁뒤
Cheese Fondue
Portuguese Fondue de queijo Cheese Fondue