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Tasty Tidbit

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A Tasty Tidbit appearing on-screen at the Home Table in Kirby's Dream Buffet.

Tasty Tidbits are a series of hints and other flavor text that appears on-screen whenever Kirby is at the Home Table in Kirby's Dream Buffet. These hints mostly relay information about how to use various gameplay features, but also includes a little bit of expository information, including backstory and the names of certain entities and objects. These tidbits appear on a scrolling banner at the bottom of the screen, and cycle through three randomly-chosen tidbits each time the Home Table is visited.

List of Tidbits[edit]

The following is a list of every Tasty Tidbit in Kirby's Dream Buffet:

Tidbits in Kirby's Dream Buffet  
Tasty Tidbit: The bigger Kirby gets by eating strawberries, the faster his rolling speed. Bulk up to speed up!
Tasty Tidbit: As Kirby gets bigger by eating strawberries, the amount of time he'll be able to continuously hover will be reduced. Be careful not to fall!
Tasty Tidbit: Follow closely behind one of your rolling opponents to increase your speed a bit. You can even use this trick to roll past them!
Tasty Tidbit: Free Rolling mode is a great way to practice, play tag with a friend, and have fun however you want!
Tasty Tidbit: Free Rolling mode will end once you eat the Strawberry Mountain placed on the center table in the back of the area.
Tasty Tidbit: Create a Password Match for Free Rolling to relax with faraway friends through online play!
Tasty Tidbit: In Free Rolling mode, there are four hidden cookies that feature art from Kirby's previous adventures. Can you find them all?
Tasty Tidbit: Each Gourmet Grand Prix will contain two races, one minigame, and a climactic battle royale. There's also a chance to earn Character Treats!
Tasty Tidbit: Copy Foods can be found hiding inside Food Boxes. When you see one, roll through it to gain a Copy Food Ability!
Tasty Tidbit: While using the Wheel ability, hold R as you turn to drift!
Tasty Tidbit: While using the Wheel ability, you can hold R to drift into a turn. If you drift long enough, you'll activate a Turbo Drift and get an extra boost!
Tasty Tidbit: While using the Stone ability, you can increase your attack range by holding down R. There's a slight delay before it triggers, so be careful when and where you use it!
Tasty Tidbit: If you dig in a tight circle while using the Drill ability, you'll cause a Quake Surge. Any rivals you hit will be left dizzy!
Tasty Tidbit: While using the Hi-Jump ability, you can pick a specific landing spot by holding down R and aiming with Ⓛ. Happy landings!
Tasty Tidbit: If you press R again after activating the Burning ability, you'll charge ahead with a Turbo Burning boost. You can even activate it multiple times in a row!
Tasty Tidbit: If you press and hold R again after activating the Needle ability, you'll charge forward with a Rush Needle attack!
Tasty Tidbit: Press R again after activating the Tornado ability to increase your wind speed and attack range with Hyper Tornado!
Tasty Tidbit: While using the Jelly ability, press R to use Jelly Trap and leave blobs of Sticky Jelly in your wake. They might slow your rivals down!
Tasty Tidbit: When you use the Jelly ability's Jelly Trap move with R, each blob of Sticky Jelly you leave behind will cause the ability to end a bit faster.
Tasty Tidbit: The area at the very start of the game is called the Home Table. It looks like it's been decorated for a grand let's party!
Tasty Tidbit: The fork that shrunk Kirby down to bite-size is no ordinary piece of cutlery—it's the legendary Dream Fork that can make dreams come true!
Tasty Tidbit: The last music track you listened to in the Rewards Menu will continue to play while you're on the Home Table. If you enter Free Rolling mode from the table, it will also play there!
Tasty Tidbit: Welcome to the Dream Restaurant, the venue hosting this dream buffet for Kirby. This comfy table is the Home Table, so make yourself at home!
Tasty Tidbit: After wielding the powerful Dream Fork, Kirby shrunk to snack-sized proportions. His dream of eating a mountain-sized cake can finally come true! Congrats, Kirby!
Tasty Tidbit: Rolling over the slippery surfaces of frozen treats can be tricky. Use the Jelly ability to glide around without slipping or sliding!
Tasty Tidbit: The tongs that appear above battles royale seem to be drawn to larger-sized Kirbys. Do your best to avoid them!
Tasty Tidbit: The mysterious gloved hands that appear over some courses are known as Server Hands.
Tasty Tidbit: You can pretend to be other characters by changing Kirby's base Color and putting on a Costume. Add some role-playing to your roll-playing!
Tasty Tidbit: If you spot blueberries, raspberries, or cherries in a course, try to eat them! They might earn you some bonuses when the final results are measured...
Tasty Tidbit: You can zoom in with the camera by pressing Ⓡ. Try it out while taking screenshots!
Tasty Tidbit: Want to greet a friend or react to something surprising? Press + to use four different emotes!
Tasty Tidbit: If you want to communicate with other players in Online Mode or Local Play Mode, you can press + to trigger four different messages.
Tasty Tidbit: During the post-game results, you can press + to express yourself and show off!
Tasty Tidbit: The Character Treat that you place on the very top of your Home Table cake will also serve as your starting block in races.
Tasty Tidbit: If you see a Crumbling Cookie Wall with cracks in it, you can use Jelly to slip right underneath it and gain an advantage!
Tasty Tidbit: There are 256 different Character Treats to earn! Some of the Character Treats from your collection may also appear as decorations during Free Rolling mode.
Tasty Tidbit: Free Rolling is a relaxed playground for you to explore and enjoy. Any strawberries you eat in that mode will not affect your Gourmet Rank.
Tasty Tidbit: Playing with others online will earn you more Gourmet Points to increase your Gourmet Rank.
Tasty Tidbit: Higher difficulty levels like Extra Spicy can be challenging, but you'll always get bonus Gourmet Points to further increase your Gourmet Rank. Practice on the lower difficulties first, then put your skills to the test!
Tasty Tidbit: If you've played Kirby and the Forgotten Land or Kirby Fighters 2, you can unlock three extra music tracks per game to play during races as a special gift!
Tasty Tidbit: If you've played Kirby Star Allies or Super Kirby Clash, you can unlock three extra music tracks per game to play during races as a special gift!
Tasty Tidbit: While viewing your collection of Character Treats, you can rotate each one to see them from the front and back. The Japanese "kintaro ame" treats feature the same design on both sides!
Tasty Tidbit: Wanna know a secret? You can view your Character Treats up close on the collection screen by pressing Ⓡ down to zoom in!
Tasty Tidbit: If you're racing outside of Online Mode, you can hold down Y while starting a Grand Prix or Single Race to play the most recent song you selected in the Rewards Menu!
Tasty Tidbit: If you're having trouble, try practicing with CPU players using the Sweet or Normal difficulties. You'll still earn Gourmet Points to increase your Gourmet Rank!
Tasty Tidbit: You'll earn a Character Treat each time you complete a Gourmet Grand Prix, Single Race, or Single Battle Royale. If you play a Grand Prix with a CPU level of Spicy or Extra Spicy, you'll earn at least two!
Tasty Tidbit: If you rank first in an online Gourmet Grand Prix, you'll earn an extra Character Treat! If your collection is incomplete and you earn two or more Character Treats at once, you're sure to get one that isn't a duplicate.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Astuce savoureuse Tasty tip
German Leckerwissen Pun on "Leckerbissen" (tidbit) and "Wissen" (knowledge)
Portuguese Dica delícia Tasty tip
Latin American Spanish Bocado de información (A) Mouthful of information