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Whispy Stage Cake

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Whispy Stage Cake
KDB Whispy Stage Cake preview screenshot.png
Preview screenshot of the Whispy Stage Cake stage.
Type Battle Royale
Unlock criteria Attain Gourmet Rank 33
No. of variants 1
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Whispy Stage Cake is one of the eight Battle Royale stages in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It can be unlocked by attaining a Gourmet Rank of 33, and pits the Kirbys against each-other on a flat rectangular cake featuring Whispy Woods as a hazard.


This stage consists of a wide rectangular space made of cake decorated to resemble the grassy fields of Green Greens, complete with the wafer-like structures poking out in places. In the back of the stage sits a cake version of Whispy Woods, who can be bumped into to obtain more strawberries, and who regularly hops into a different position on the board, either left, right, or center. As time goes by, the Server Hands will take pieces out of the floor using the Dream Fork, leaving holes which the Kirbys can fall into.

There are no variants to this stage.


  • When the timer runs out, during the end celebration, Whispy Woods can be seen smiling and waving his stump arms along with the Kirbys.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウィスピーステージケーキ
Wisupī sutēji kēki
Whispy Stage Cake
French Gâteau Whispy Whispy cake
German Whispy-Stage-Kuchen Whispy-Stage-Cake
Korean 위스피 스테이지 케이크
wiseupi seuteiji keikeu
Whispy Stage Cake
Portuguese Bolo Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Cake