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Gourmet Grand Prix

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Gourmet Grand Prix on the menu in Kirby's Dream Buffet.
This article is about the game mode in Kirby's Dream Buffet, and should not be confused with Gourmet Race.
A full-course Dream Buffet with two races, a minigame, and a climactic battle royale. You may even earn Character Treats!
— Menu description for Gourmet Grand Prix in Kirby's Dream Buffet

Gourmet Grand Prix is the primary game mode in Kirby's Dream Buffet, consisting of two races, a minigame, and a battle royale rolled up into one continuous event. As the Kirbys compete in these events, all strawberries they collect carry over into subsequent games, and then a series of bonuses are awarded at the results screen, after which the winner is declared. This game mode is the only one that can be played when playing Random Matches online, and it can award up to three Character Treats to the player upon completing one (either online or with harder-difficulty CPUs, and coming in first place).


Gourmet Grand Prix consists of a race course, followed by a minigame, followed by another race course, and then finishing off with a battle royale. In-between each game, a short results screen will display which gives the current standings of each Kirby. Notably, players can carry Copy Foods into subsequent rounds if they hold onto them, such as carrying Tornado into a minigame or an attack ability into a battle royale for an advantage. There are slight differences between each game mode in the Grand Prix as opposed to the single play equivalents, as detailed below:


  • Races will contain blueberries, cherries, and raspberries in spots where there would otherwise always be five-strawberry piles in the single race mode.
  • The Strawberry Mountains at the end are generally larger, coming in denominations of 50, 20, and 10 instead of 20, 10, and 10 in single mode.
  • In the second race, players in the lead will be put further back from the starting line, while those in 3rd and 4th place will be put closer to the front ahead of the Waddle Dee racers. Additionally, the players cannot start moving around immediately in the starting area until the starting countdown ends, unlike in the first race.


  • Minigames last only 20 seconds in the Grand Prix, as opposed to 30 seconds in the single mode.
  • In the Single Minigame, all Kirbys start larger at 0 strawberries than default.

Battle Royale[edit]

  • There is a possibility that the match will go into "overtime," adding 15 extra seconds to the clock and extending the endgame. This cannot happen in the single mode.

Results bonuses[edit]

One of the bonuses being awarded at the end of the Grand Prix.

On the Results screen, strawberries are awarded in batches of 40 from bonuses when playing the Grand Prix mode or online. Three bonuses are given out with a semi-randomized pattern, as follows:

  • Bonus 1 can be any of the following:
    • Most blueberries bitten - Awarded to whoever ate the most blueberries during the Grand Prix.
    • Most cherries chomped - Awarded to whoever ate the most cherries during the Grand Prix.
    • Most raspberries munched - Awarded to whoever ate the most raspberries during the Grand Prix.
  • Bonus 2 can be any of the following:
    • Most cookie walls crumbled - Awarded to whoever broke the most cookie walls during the Grand Prix. (only the last hit counts)
    • Most enemies defeated - Awarded to whoever defeated the most enemies during the Grand Prix.
    • Most five-stack race strawberries - Awarded to whoever picked up the most 5-stack strawberry piles in races.
    • Most minigame strawberries - Awarded to whoever picked up the most strawberries in the minigame.
    • Most race strawberries - Awarded to whoever picked up the most strawberries in races.
  • Bonus 3 can be either of the following:
    • Most Copy Food Abilities used - Awarded to whoever used the highest number of Copy Food Abilities during the Grand Prix.
    • Most time spent hovering - Awarded to whoever had to hover the longest overall during the Grand Prix.

In the event of a tie, any tied players will all receive the 40 strawberry bonus, unless everyone is tied at 0, in which case, no reward is given out.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グルメグランプリ
gurume guranpuri
Gourmet Grand Prix
Traditional Chinese 美食大賞
měi shí dà shǎng
Gourmet Grand Prix
Simplified Chinese 美食大赏
měi shí dà shǎng
French Grand prix Gourmet Gourmet Grand Prix
German Gourmet-Grand-Prix Gourmet-Grand-Prix
Italian Grand Prix Gourmet Gourmet Grand Prix
Korean 뷔페 그랑프리
bwipe geulangpeuli
Buffet Grand Prix
Portuguese Grande prêmio gourmet Gourmet Grand Prix
Spanish Grand Prix Gourmet Gourmet Grand Prix