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Puddings à la Mode

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Puddings à la Mode
KDB Puddings a la Mode preview screenshot.png
Preview screenshot of the Puddings à la Mode stage.
Type Battle Royale
Unlock criteria Available from start
No. of variants 3
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Puddings à la Mode is one of the eight Battle Royale stages in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It is available from the start, and pits the Kirbys against each-other atop two giant cups of pudding connected by bridges of citrus slices and/or wafer.


The layout of the stage places a strong emphasis on the left and right sides of the board, with only narrow bridges in the middle to connect the two halves. The two pudding cups are large and circular, with the puddings themselves forming hills atop the cups. The bridges in the middle can be quite perilous to cross, and can be used as choke points to attack rivals. Later on, the Server Hands will show up with the Dream Fork and pluck some of the bridges away, making the crossing even more precarious.

There are three different possible variants for this stage, which differ only somewhat in layout, but have differing themes. The main structural difference between the boards are the nature of the connecting bridges.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プリンアラモード
Pudding à la Mode
French Puddings à la mode Fashionable puddings
German Puddinge à la Mode Puddings à la Mode
Korean 푸딩 아라모드
puding alamodeu
Pudding à la Mode
Portuguese Pudim com cobertura Pudding with frosting