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Whole Cakes

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Whole Cakes
KDB Whole Cakes preview screenshot.png
Preview screenshot of the Whole Cakes stage.
Type Battle Royale
Unlock criteria Available from start
No. of variants 3
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Whole Cakes is one of the eight Battle Royale stages in Kirby's Dream Buffet. It is available from the start, and pits the Kirbys against each-other on a platform made of three conjoined circular cakes.


This stage consists of three conjoined circular cakes which together form a line spanning the breadth of the stage. The stage is largely flat, making it among the simplest in terms of layout. Over time, the Server Hands will show up and use the Dream Fork to take out pieces of the cake, either going for the center pieces or for a wedge along the perimeter, depending on the variant, leaving holes in their wake that the Kirbys can fall into.

There are three different possible variants for this stage, each of which has its own theme, The layout between all three versions is largely identical, but they do differ in regard to which pieces get removed by the Server Hands as time goes by.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホールケーキ
Hōru kēki
Whole Cake
French Gâteaux entiers Whole cakes
German Schokotorte Chocolate torte
Korean 홀 케이크
hol keikeu
Whole Cake
Portuguese Bolo inteiro Whole cake