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E42 Scene 33.png

Prediction Predicament - Part II is the 42nd (39th in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series, and carries on the story from the previous episode: Prediction Predicament - Part I. In this episode, the asteroid seen in the previous part looms closer to Dream Land and over the course of a few days is set to crash into it. After consulting with Kabu, the people of Cappy Town become resigned to their fate and prepare for the end, but Tiff and her cohorts endeavor to try and redirect the asteroid using Castle Dedede's cannons. Meanwhile, after coming to terms with his bad deeds, King Dedede decides he will build the Cappies the playground he promised in order to let his conscience rest, and is shortly after swept into the air along with Kirby by the force of the asteroid's approach. At the last moment, Kirby saves Dream Land by giving the cannonballs shot from the castle a boost using his inhale, thus redirecting the asteroid, though King Dedede is still scorched somewhat by its passing.

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Kirby Air Ride BackBoxArt.jpg
This image is the artwork used on the back of the box of Kirby Air Ride. It features six racers riding along the Beanstalk Park course, with four of them being Kirbys and the other two being King Dedede and Meta Knight. The Kirbys are riding (from bottom to top) a Wheelie Bike, a Winged Star, a Rex Wheelie, and the Wing Copy Ability. Two Scarfies, a Broom Hatter, and a Flappy can be seen in the background.
"Ride with us!" Superbound[talk][contribs] 14:25, 1 August 2020 (UTC)
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