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Polka-Dotted Cityscape

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Polka-Dotted Cityscape
Sample of "Polka-Dotted Cityscape" from Kirby's Dream Buffet.
Debut appearance Kirby's Dream Buffet
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai[1]
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"Polka-Dotted Cityscape" is a Race theme from Kirby's Dream Buffet that is unlocked at Gourmet Rank 59. It was composed by Shogo Sakai.[1]


A polka-dotted smorgasbord of sweet treats.

"Polka-Dotted Cityscape" is a short and sweet theme in G major and 4/4. The theme's intro starts off with an electric beat not long before poppy synths appear to kick off the main melody. Its phrase is composed of augmented major-thirteenths at a flat second while also producing a mediant function. The same phrase is repeated by another synth in a higher octave and resolutes on the tonic. The bridge section is quite sprightly, as the strings appear to create a harmonic, rising progression in a melodic major before the riser effect materializes itself into the second section. This section is considered more lively. Several reverberated synths emit a descending power chord progression each two bars, being supported by an arpeggiated synth and harmonious strings. As the melody reaches its peak, the atmosphere softens with pizzicato strings playing spread out notes as the percussion resolutes back to the intro.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Polka Dot Cityscape
Chinese Polka Dot Cityscape
Dutch Gestippeld stadsgezicht Dotted cityscape
French Un paysage urbain à pois Dotted cityscape
German Ein gepunktetes Stadtbild A dotted Cityscape
Italian Una città a pois A city with polka dots
Korean Polka Dot Cityscape
Brazilian Portuguese Paisagem urbana de bolinhas Cityscape of polka dots
Spanish Paisaje urbano a lunares Polka-Dotted Cityscape


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