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A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World

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A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World
30-second sample from "A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World", showcasing variations on its two principal motifs and the shift in instrumentation around the midpoint of the track.
Debut appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Last appearance Kirby's Dream Buffet (2023)
Composer(s) Hirokazu Ando[1]
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"A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World" is the theme for the final phase of Fecto Elfilis's boss battle, at the end of the main story of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It was composed by Hirokazu Ando[1] using motifs from "Welcome to the New World!" and "Invincible Candy".


Kirby says his farewell to the new world.

"A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World" begins with a powerful synth brass line blasting a variation of the motif from the start of "Welcome to the New World!" in the key of E minor (E-E-F#-E, G-G-A-G), accompanied by organ, guitar, and heavy percussion. After the organ ends off the introductory segment, a drum break leads into the other driving motif for this track, "Invincible Candy".

At first, the track beyond the intro appears to simply be Yuuta Ogasawara's normal F major arrangement of "Invincible Candy" used for this game, dominated by heavy electric guitar and energetic percussion with a subtle high-register electronic accompaniment. However, after the eighth bar, the track seamlessly transitions away from this arrangement, with the melody instead staying on F (with some octave traversal and trilling) before the track modulates to A major. A lower-register guitar initially takes over the melodic line for four bars before being joined by the old guitar returning at its higher register.

The track now introduces variations on "Invincible Candy", first staying in A major (fa-mi-fa-so-mi-... instead of re-do-re-mi-so-...) then briefly modulating to C major (where the variation is now do-ti-do-re-ti-...) before returning to A major for a climactic guitar note, accompanied by the organ echoing the final, highly embellished portion of the motif.

At this point, the instrumentation begins shifting from rock to electronica. Synths provide the main melody here, which returns to the minor variation of the "Welcome to the New World!" motif, now in A minor and extended compared to the intro portion of the track. The use of chiptune sounds becomes increasingly prominent as the track progresses, initially in the countermelody to the motif, which incorporates portions of "Invincible Candy". As this countermelody melds with the "Welcome to the New World!" motif, the chiptune sounds begin to dominate the track overall.

Ultimately, the main melody reverts to the "Welcome to the New World!" motif, but now instrumented entirely in a chiptune fashion reminiscent of Game Boy music. Organ and percussive accompaniment keep the soundscape of the track incredibly rich, but chiptune sounds dominate the main melody and the countermelody (still borrowing from "Invincible Candy"). Before looping back to the start, a break in the main melody leaves a sparser chiptune melody, mostly octave intervals on F# (la) and the fast-moving "Invincible Candy" figure (still in A major), although intense percussion maintains the energy in the track right up to the loop point.

In relation to Lab Discovera's final phase[edit]

The composition strongly accentuates the final events of Lab Discovera, the last level of the main story mode of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

  • The intro plays as Kirby transforms into Big-Rig Mouth Kirby.
  • The apparent verbatim use of "Invincible Candy" happens at the start of the Big-Rig Mouth section. Since this section involves the use of a special ability to power through enemies and obstacles, it plays as if the player would not be surprised to hear the "Invincible Candy" theme as is.
  • The deviation from the normal "Invincible Candy" theme, and in particular the shift from rock to electronica, would occur later into this section — as Popstar comes into closer view and Kirby readies for the final leap at Fecto Elfilis, the music appropriately raises the stakes.

Other appearances[edit]

"A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World" appears in Kirby's Dream Buffet, named "Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Memorial Song 5" in-game. It is unlocked upon reaching a Gourmet Rank of 134, and can then be played in Races and Free Rolling.


  • During the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival, series director Shinya Kumazaki discussed the way in which he interacts with different composers for different tracks. In talking about Hirokazu Ando and his tendency to handle challenging requests, Kumazaki gave the example of how when asked to turn the musical phrase of "Invincible Candy" into a battle theme about a minute long, Ando simply responded "all right" (「わかった」) and got to work. Given the nature of the request and the composer that handled it, the result appears to have been "A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 無敵むてきにGOODBYE NEW WORLD!
Traditional Chinese 無敵的GOODBYE NEW WORLD!
Simplified Chinese 无敌的GOODBYE NEW WORLD!
Dutch Op volle vaart vaarwel aan de nieuwe wereld Full-speed farewell to the new world
French Adieu express au nouveau monde Express farewell to the new world
German Abschied aus der neuen Welt - mit Wumms! Farewell to the New World — with oomph!
Italian Un addio a tutta velocità dal nuovo mondo A full-speed farewell to the new world
mujeog-eulo GOODBYE NEW WORLD!
Spanish Despedida del nuevo mundo a toda velocidad Full-speed farewell to the new world


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