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Free Rolling 1

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Free Rolling 1
Sample of "Free Rolling 1" from Kirby's Dream Buffet.
Debut appearance Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa[1]
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"Free Rolling 1"[conjectural title] is a theme from Kirby's Dream Buffet that can play in the Free Rolling stage. It was composed by Jun Ishikawa.[1]


Rolling amidst teacups and minty shortcake.

"Free Rolling 1" is a cheerful theme in G major and 4/4. Its composition, particularly the syncopated rhythms and jazzy instrument choices, is characteristic of two-tone ska. It starts with a detached chord progression from subdominant to dominant, leading into the main section with springy and syncopated tonic-subdominant jazz organ accompaniment. The melody shares certain intonational similarities with "Welcome to Wondaria". It is initially played by a trombone, and then seconded by a flute. This then repeats in A major; here the flute is replaced by a clarinet. Following it is a second section characterized by three accentuated chords in a fanfare not unlike that of "Friendly Field". These groups of chords form a rising progression, with high flute phrases following each group. A trumpet solo brings the harmony to tonic for the progression to be repeated by the jazz organ. The second time, a saxophone solo takes a sudden turn to F major.

The percussion halts, replaced by gentle string pizzicato and bass guitar notes. The trombone (with a heavy vibrato) and flute repeat the first iteration of the melody with extra trills. The A major portion features a return of the percussion, while the melody itself is played by strings and then trumpet and trombone. The second section remains largely unchanged, albeit with different instrumentation: trombone, jazz organ, electric guitar and strings, in order. The track then loops from the first section.


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