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Cute, Colorful Candies

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Cute, Colorful Candies
Sample of "Cute, Colorful Candies" from Kirby's Dream Buffet.
Debut appearance Kirby's Dream Buffet (2022)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa[1]
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"Cute, Colorful Candies" is a Race theme from Kirby's Dream Buffet unlocked at the start of the game. It was composed by Jun Ishikawa.[1]


Rolling amidst colorful candies

"Cute, Colorful Candies" is a lively theme in C major and 4/4. It starts off with a mixed harp and electronic double intro where the tonic is set, concluding in a brass fanfare similar to "Boss" from Kirby's Dream Land 3 and stylized like Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Set on a techno bassline, the melody is more sweet and serene, played by a reverberated piano with soft string and synth backing, overall similar to "Gourmet Race" and "THE END…?" rhythmically and in phrasing. As the phrase repeats, it reveals rising tendencies of the first section of "Grass Land (1)" or "Beyond the Hill". The melody repeats at a higher pitch with tremulating synthesized notes. The second section comes in with a typical melodic major with descending phrases and following rising triplets, which is also characteristic of "Prism Plains" and "Beyond the Hill". It moves up, preparing a transition to C major as the dominant. However, it instead grows into D major, the dominant to G major, and the key alternates between the two. A variation of the initial melody begins with adjusted functions based on its new position. After the section plays out, it modulates to F major, where a less eventful percussive transition occurs. Jazzy piano tremolos and heavy electric guitar take the lead, gradually shifting to G. This eventually resolves back to C major with new fioritures in the intro, and the track loops.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Colorful Cute Candies
Chinese Colorful Cute Candies
Dutch Schattige snoepjes Cute sweets
French Adorables bonbons colorés Adorable colorful candies
German Süßes buntes Süßes Sweet colorful Sweets
Italian Caramelle carine e colorate Cute and colorful candies
Korean Colorful Cute Candies
Brazilian Portuguese Docinhos deliciosos e delicados Delicious delicate little candies
Latin American Spanish Dulces tiernos y coloridos Tender and colorful sweets
European Spanish Dulces de todas las formas y colores Sweets of all shapes and colors