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The Ultimate Fight

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The Ultimate Fight
Various arrangements of The Ultimate Fight from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Debut appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Composer(s) Yuki Shimooka[1]
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"The Ultimate Fight" is a battle theme that debuted in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, serving as the theme music for most mid-bosses and boss battles in The Ultimate Cup of the Colosseum. It is composed by Yuki Shimooka.


"The Ultimate Fight" is an upbeat battle theme that is played at 154 beats per minute, and composed primarily in the key of G Minor. Most of the song is also played at 4/4 time signature. Much of the main melody is played with prominent usage of brass and string instruments, as well as making use of a combination of drum kits, taiko drums and conga drums for the percussion line. The first part of the song somewhat bears a resemblance in melody to "Sky Tower", but also incorporates elements from "Running Through the New World" near the end.

Afterwards, an intermission part that incorporates elements from "VS. Dangerous Beast" (specifically based on "The Beast Pack's Final Stand") and "Plundering Beast Battle" plays at 3/4 time signature, while gradually changing the key to B Minor for the next section of the song. The second section primarily changes up the main motif, and incorporates parts resembling leitmotifs from "Road to Victory" and "Northeast Frost Street" throughout. At the end of the song, it reprises the intermission portion, though playing only the "VS. Dangerous Beast" leitmotif, and then ends with a solo portion combining both conga and taiko drums before looping back to the first part.

If a boss reaches its last phase while "The Ultimate Fight" is playing, additional percussion beats are added to the song. These primarily feature kick drums and tambourines, as well as additional taiko drums during the intermission segments.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

"The Ultimate Fight" emphasizes on Kirby's strength as he battles mid-bosses and bosses in the Colosseum, particularly in The Ultimate Cup.

So far, "The Ultimate Fight" makes its first and only appearance in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, as the theme music for the Colosseum's The Ultimate Cup when battling mid-bosses and bosses. It also appears as a leitmotif in two more songs that are featured in the Colosseum. In Waddle Live! Corner Stage, this song is listed as Track 79, and playing it there will incorporate the two versions of the song together as a looping medley.

The first track that makes use of the aforementioned song as a leitmotif is "Champion's Waiting Room", which is the music used for the rest areas in The Ultimate Cup. It plays primarily in F Minor and at 147 beats per minute. It makes use of a unique melody that makes some slight deviations from the original song while subtly incorporating some parts of "Running Through the New World". It is also composed by Yuki Shimooka and can be found as Track 78 in Waddle Live! Corner Stage.

The second track is a faster-paced composition named "Decisive Battle: Ultimate Z", composed by Hirokazu Ando[1] and found as Track 88 in Waddle Live! Corner Stage. It is used as the boss theme in the Colosseum's The Ultimate Cup Z, and even overrides the boss music for Phantom King Dedede and the first phase of Phantom Forgo Dedede. It is still played in the key of G Minor and at a 4/4 time signature, however it now plays at a faster 176 beats per minute. The main melody is played on electric guitars and synthesizers, with Hammond organ and rock drums providing accompaniment. It also incorporates "Welcome to the New World!" heavily as a recurring leitmotif throughout the song.

"Decisive Battle: Ultimate Z" also transitions into a distinct second arrangement when a boss reaches its final phase. This version uses "calmer" instruments, such as acoustic drums and strings, offset by piano and electric bass playing more frantic rhythms than in the main arrangement. It also features an entirely different intermission segment where the bass and piano take the forefront. When playing the song in Waddle Live! Corner Stage, the two arrangements are stringed together as a looping medley, like with "The Ultimate Fight".


The unused intro sections of the final phase versions of the Colosseum battle music:
The Ultimate Fight Decisive Battle: Ultimate Z
  • The final phase versions of "The Ultimate Fight" and "Decisive Battle: Ultimate Z" have unique intro sections that go unused in the final game, mainly because these arrangements only play during the second phase of a mid-boss or boss. The former's intro section is the same as the original but with added percussion, while the latter's intro section is a completely unique arrangement using violin, piano, and acoustic drums.

Names in other languages[edit]

The Ultimate Fight[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たたかえアルティメット
tatakae arutimetto
Battle, Ultimate
Traditional Chinese 戰鬥吧終極
Zhàndòu bā Zhōngjí
The Ultimate Battle
Simplified Chinese 战斗吧终极
Zhàndòu bā Zhōngjí
Dutch Het ultieme gevecht The ultimate fight
French Le combat ultime The ultimate fight
German Der ultimative Kampf The ultimate fight
Italian La battaglia definitiva The ultimate battle
Korean 싸워라, 얼티밋
Ssawora, Eoltimit
Battle, Ultimate
Spanish El combate definitivo The ultimate fight

Champion's Waiting Room[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャンピオンひかえしつ
chanpion hikaeshitsu
Champion's Waiting Room
Traditional Chinese 冠軍休息室
Guànjūn Xiūxīshì
Champion's Lounge Room
Simplified Chinese 冠军休息室
Guànjūn Xiūxīshì
Dutch De wachtkamer van de kampioen The champion's waiting room
French Sale d'attente du champion Champion's waiting room
German Warteraum des Siegers Waiting room of the victor
Italian Campione in sala d'aspetto Champion in the waiting room
Korean 챔피언 대기실
Chaempieon Daegisil
Champion Waiting Room
Spanish Sala de espera del campeón Champion's waiting room

Decisive Battle: Ultimate Z[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 決戦けっせんのアルティメットZ
kessen no arutimetto zetto
Decisive Battle, Ultimate Z
Traditional Chinese 決戰的終極Z
Juézhàn de Zhōngjí Z
The Ultimate Decisive Battle Z
Simplified Chinese 决战的终极Z
Juézhàn de Zhōngjí Z
Dutch Het ultieme gevecht Z The ultimate fight Z
French Le combat ultimate Z The ultimate battle Z
German Endkampf: Ultimativ Z Final Battle: Ultimate Z
Italian La battaglia definitiva Z The ultimate battle Z
Korean 결전 얼티밋 Z
Gyeoljeon Eoltimit Z
Decisive Battle Ultimate Z
Spanish El combate definitivo Z The ultimate fight Z


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