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Abandoned Beach (theme)

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Abandoned Beach
Sample of "Abandoned Beach" from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Debut appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa[1]
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"Abandoned Beach" is a theme from Kirby and the Forgotten Land for the stage with the same name, as well as Concrete Isles and the majority of Scale the Cement Summit. This was composed by Jun Ishikawa,[1] and is the 20th theme in the Jukebox.


Going for a swim at the abandoned beach.

"Abandoned Beach" is a laid-back theme in F major and 4/4. It starts with a quiet intro featuring a simple progression that sets the key. The melody starts with a wide rising passage (in the likes of "Friendly Field" or specific phrases of "Running Through the New World") played by a flute and clarinet. The phrase is repeated within a more narrow range by the clarinet, ending in dominant. Concluding the first section is a piano solo based on the second section of "Float Islands", tying in with many other beach-themed tracks. Its harmonies, however, become more complex than the predecessors', having an elaborate progression through G minor when played a second time by a violin. The phrase concludes with a dominant fanfare and a resolving iteration of the initial melody. A less carefree C minor section follows, showcasing smaller, stepwise phrases from a trumpet. Its phrase comes in from a flute and then clarinet, which go through a characteristic sequence of distant modulations. The instruments slowly build up in the dominant to a triumphant C major, which in turn leads back to the original F major with the help of harmonic subdominant for the track to loop from the intro.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese およげ!ひろびろビーチ
Oyoge! Hirobiro Bīchi
Let's Swim! Such a Spacious Beach
Traditional Chinese 游泳吧!廣闊海灘
Yóuyǒng Ba!Guǎngkuò Hǎitān
Let's go swimming! Such a Spacious Beach
Simplified Chinese 游泳吧!广阔海滩
Yóuyǒng Ba!Guǎngkuò Hǎitān
Dutch Verlaten strand Deserted beach
French Plage à l'abandon Abandoned beach
German Einsamer Strand Lonely Beach
Italian Spiaggia abbandonata Abandoned Beach
Korean 헤엄쳐라! 널찍널찍 비치
Heeomchyeora! Neoljjakneoljjak Bichi
Let's Swim Around! Such a Spacious Beach
Spanish Playa Abandonada Abandoned Beach