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Regarding the songs in this navbox[edit]

As I said in the Discord server earlier, I'm still not fully sure about the songs I included (and didn't include) here. I will explain my reasoning for listing or excluding certain songs and I would appreciate suggestions.

Regarding what I did not list here:

  • I did not include any cutscene theme because historically we haven't ever created pages for them, and I don't also believe it's needed
  • I did not include any stage select theme because all but the one for Forgo Dreams are arrangements of "Running Through the New World" or "Welcome to the New World!", and while I could include them just linking to their pages, it felt a bit redundant. We can always list "Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams" if we want, but not fully sure if it's big enough for a page
  • I did not include "Wild Results" because it's a simple arrangement of "Running Through the New World" and didn't feel big enough to be listed, but I'm not opposed to listing it
  • I did not include "Tilt-and-Roll Kirby (Extra Hard)" and "Lunch Rush! A Wave of Waddles" because both are faster variations of the main themes of their respective sub-games and can be covered in the main page of their songs, and it would feel redundant to list the same theme twice one after the other
  • I did not include "Waiting Room", "Try Again Tomorrow", "Interview", and their variations because they are either short or just based on one of the two main songs of the game
  • I did not include "A Quick Nap" because it's a short jingle only used in this game
  • I did not include "The Beast's Prey" because it's a short song with only one instrument playing
  • I did not include "Elfilin" because it's a short arrangement of "Welcome to the New World!" but I'm not opposed to listing it, linking to that page
  • I did not include "Secret Area: HAL Room" and "Secret Area: HAL Room 2" because the two are medleys of three songs but I don't feel they deserve their own page; the can just be covered on the pages of each of the individual themes
  • I did not include "From Those Who Departed for Space" simply because I don't feel it's big enough for its own page and it can be covered in both "Running Through the New World" and "Welcome to the New World!"

Regarding what I did list here

  • I included "Stage Cleared!" because it's an unique song, but I do realize it's very short so maybe it's not notable enough to be listed here
  • I included "Beginner Treasures" but didn't link it to the "Running Through the New World" stage because I feel it's a unique enough arrangement of the song to deserve its own page, but I could see the case for either side. Regardless, I think it should be in the navbox
  • I included "Please Don't Inhale the Cinema Patrons" and "Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop" for being unique songs, but still not fully decided if they need their own pages
  • I included "Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands" and "The Beast Pack's Final Stand" as unique links because I believe both are notable arrangements of the songs they are based on to receive their own pages. The former is based on two songs while the latter is not only very unique but the theme of the last regular stage of the game
  • I included "A Full-Speed Farewell from the New World" and made a unique link for it because I believe it's a unique enough medley of two songs that deserves its own page, as it plays in the climax of the game's ending
  • I included "The Ultimate Fight" and "Decisive Battle: Ultimate Z" as separate songs but I'm not fully sure if perhaps they should be in the same page, I haven't listened to both enough to know if one is a remix of the other
  • I included "Morpho Knight" linking to "Butterfly of Judgment: Morpho Knight" even though that theme also uses "Welcome to the New World!" because I feel the big identity of that song is being Morpho Knight's theme, so it makes sense to just talk about it in his main battle theme

That is about it; I believe all other songs I didn't mention do deserve their own pages (or they are straight up remixes so linking to the songs they are a remix of shouldn't be something to discuss) so I didn't try justifying them here, but if you think some song is not big enough for a page, even if I didn't list it here, feel free to comment. - Gigi (talkedits) 15:44, 16 April 2022 (UTC)

All of this seems cool. I would just like to propose on how we could handle some medleys for music navboxes, in this case, "Secret Area: HAL Room":
Thoughts? Superbound (talk) 14:17, 4 May 2022 (UTC)
I like that personally. - Gigi (talkedits) 13:46, 12 May 2022 (UTC)