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Welcome to WiKirby![edit]

Hi there Owencrazyboy17, and welcome to WiKirby! We hope you'll enjoy editing here; check out our help guide for editing tips and information on do's and don'ts. And if you need any help, just contact one of the administrators. Thanks! — The WiKirby Staff

-- Kirbot (talk) 00:07, 11 April 2019 (UTC)

Regarding the "Green Tree Memories" page and disputes[edit]

Hoy Owen. I've seen your most recent edit on the Green Tree Memories page and looked at the source you provided. I believe you have misinterpreted the source and thus have reverted it again (though not completely undone it). Now, before you do anything else regarding that page, let me quickly remind you what the dispute policy is so (assuming you still want to challenge this point) you don't repeat what happened last time. (full details on the Dispute policy page)

A dispute happens when an editor (in this case you) makes a change to a page and another editor (in this case me) comes and disputes it by reverting the edit. If this happens, and the disputing editor cites a valid reason for performing the undo in the edit summary (as I have done), it is now your responsibility as the person who initially brought up the change to take the discussion to the article's talk page (or the disputing user's talk page if that's more appropriate) to debate why you believe your disputed change is valid. From there, the debate takes place until a conclusion is reached (or is not reached, in which case it moves to Step 2 as defined on the policy page).

That said, if you want to dispute this point, the next proper step is to go to the Green Tree Memories talk page and make your case under a new section. If you simply try to insert the edit again, you will violate the policy and have a strike made against you. I hope I made this clear, and I'll see you around. --Fubaka (talk) 23:40, 30 September 2019 (UTC)

Also, I just looked at the dispute policy page again, and I seem to have forgotten to elaborate on what a dispute is there. So I will take basically what I've said to you here and put it on the page so we don't have any further confusion going forward. Keep in mind, you are not in trouble yet. I'm posting all this for your benefit so you don't end up in trouble again. --Fubaka (talk) 23:51, 30 September 2019 (UTC)
Let me clarify on the source in question. I believe you interpreted it based on the title card of the source alone instead of what's actually listed in the Japanese credits for Super Kirby Clash. In this case, at around the 2:17 mark are the credits for エンディングソング (Ending Song). The name of the song in Japanese is written as 『グリーンツリーメモリーズ from 星のカービィ』 , surrounded by the Japanese equivalent of quotation marks or italics, further supporting the claim that the "from Kirby" part really is supposed to be part of the name of the song in question. The English credits equivalent doesn't really use italics or quotation marks to identify "Green Tree Memories from Kirby" at all, which must have led to the confusion a few days back. – Owencrazyboy17 (talk) 23:58, 30 September 2019 (UTC)
I see. That does appear to be more compelling. Apologies for all the fuss. I am still working out the kinks in the policy, and I did get frustrated with you because you wouldn't respond to me on your talk page earlier. I will go ahead and change the title of the article and reinstate your edit. For your part, I will remove your block from my mental record, so no hard feelings, eh. Just remember to use talk pages more often. :P --Fubaka (talk) 00:14, 1 October 2019 (UTC)