The Apple Juice Song

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The Apple Juice Song
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Composer(s) Megumi Ohara
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The Apple Juice Song (Japanese: リンゴジュースのうた Ringo Jūsu no Uta) is a song on the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert Memorial Arrange CD. The track is an arrangement of Apple Scramble stage theme from Kirby Battle Royale with lyrics introduced.

The song can be listened to here.


  • Arranged by: Megumi Ohara
  • Lyrics: Asaha Nakamura (中村朝羽)
  • Vocals: Miho Tsujibayashi (辻林美穂)
  • Chorus: Megumi Ohara
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitar: Shogo Sakai


リンゴのジュース たくさんつくろ
もぎたてリンゴ こんなにあるよ
ざいりょうぜんぶ つぶしてまぜろ
リンゴとレモン はちみつプロテイン
これを まいにちのんで
ボくも つよくなるんだ
あぁ いつかボクもムキムキに

リンゴのジュース ごくごくのもう
あのこに まけないように

ホンキのバトル みんなであそぼ
きたえたボクは ひとあじちがう
しょうりのヒケツ こころにきざめ
スキルとパワー けいけんむしゃしゅぎょう
これで あのこにかてば
ボクも いちにんまえさ
あぁ いつかボクもモテモテに

リンゴのジュース みんなでのもう
いっしょうに うでをみがいて

リンゴのジュース おかわりじゆう
なかよく バトルつづけて

Ringo no jūsu takusan tsukuro
mogitate ringo kon'nani aru yo
zairyō zenbu tsubushite mazero
ringo to remon hachimitsu purotein
kore o mainichi nonde
boku mo tsuyoku narun da
a~a itsuka boku mo mukimuki ni

ringo no jūsu gokugoku no mō
ano ko ni makenai yō ni
tsuyoku naro

honki no batoru min'na de asobo
kitaeta boku wa hito aji chigau
shōri no hiketsu kokoro ni kizame
sukiru to pawā keiken musha shugyō
kore de ano ko ni kateba
boku mo ichininmae sa
a~a itsuka boku mo motemote ni

ringo no jūsu min'na de no mō
isshou ni ude o migai te
tsuyoku naro

ringo no jūsu o-kawari jiyū
naka yoku batoru tsudzukete
tsuyoku naro

Apple juice, I make a bunch of it
Like this, with freshly picked apples
Mashing and blending, all the ingredients
Apples, with lemon, honey, and protein
By drinking this daily
I'll grow up strong too
Ahh, someday I want to become
Ripped too

Apple juice, I gulp it down
So I won't lose against that kid
I'll grow stronger

Playing with everyone, in serious battles
With training, I have changed somewhat
The secrets to victory, are something I know well
Skill and power, and experience I gain in combat
And now, if I win against that kid
I'll grow mature too
Ahh, someday I want to become
Popular too

Apple juice, everyone drinks it
Together, we polish up our skills
And grow stronger

Apple juice, I'll freely have seconds
Continuing with friendly battles
I'll grow stronger



  1. “カービィのように強くなりたい、そんな健気なワドルディの心情を歌った曲。” - Trial Listening description on Kirby Portal, Kirby official website in Japan.
  2. Kirby's official JP Twitter post on December 6 2017, revealing the trial listening with an illustration of Bandana Waddle Dee on the mic.