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A Dimension is a realm of space and time distinct from others, usually dominated by a specific substance, like Stars in Kirby's native dimension, and yarn in Patch Land. Dimensions can consist of many worlds, with space between them, or they can be structured differently.

List of known Dimensions[edit]

For some of these, the names of these dimensions are conjecture, as no official names have been given.

Kirby's Dimension[edit]

This is the fantastical dimension in which most of the Kirby series takes place. It is the home of Planet Popstar, as well as many other planets. Some sources (like the Instruction Booklet for Kirby's Dream Land) specify that Popstar is in the same universe as the real one, saying it is an unspecified number of light years from Earth, but later sources never mention this, nor do any of the games directly, so it's unclear whether this is true or not.

Mirror World[edit]

The realm that lies beyond the Dimension Mirror. The Mirror World is home to Shadow Kirby, and was once under attack by Dark Mind. It is similar in many ways to Kirby's native dimension, but features Mirror Doors to connect each area.

Another Dimension[edit]

Another Dimension is a realm of magic accessed through the Black Mirror or interdimensional rifts. Sphere Doomers and Landia can be found here, alongside Magolor's hometown of Halcandra. Galacta Knight is also likely sealed in this dimension.

It is implied that the parallel bosses from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash, as well as those from Heroes in Another Dimension also hail from this dimension.

Patch Land[edit]

Patch Land is the realm in which most of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn takes place. It is a dimension made almost entirely of yarn, and everyone sent there from elsewhere will also become yarn.