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Kirby fires out a Star Bullet.

The term Star refers to many different entities within the Kirby series. As such, stars take on many different forms and functions. The term is most commonly used to refer to the Star Bullets that Kirby spits out at his enemies.

List of Stars (or entities with 'Star' in their names)[edit]

And finally, there are a great deal of background stars, as one might expect, in the night sky in various places. There are also places where Kirby walks on stars, such as the eternal planet Halfmoon. Stars are also used as a decorative motif on all sorts of structures in the series.


Some games in the Kirby series also have the word "Star" in their names.


Artwork of Kirby using the Star Rod
  • The Japanese, Chinese and Korean names of the Kirby series - ほしのカービィ / 星之卡比 / 별의 커비 (Hoshi no Kābyi/xīng zhī kǎ bǐ/byeorui keobi) - directly translate to Kirby of the Stars, signifying the importance of stars in the series.
  • On several occasions, the stars from Kirby's home world of Dream Land have been stolen, leaving it up to Kirby to return them to their rightful place.
  • A star is often used as the symbol of the Kirby series and is used as such in the Super Smash Bros. series.