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Kirby fires out a Star Bullet.

The term Star refers to many different entities within the Kirby series. As such, stars take on many different forms and functions. The term is most commonly used to refer to the Star Bullets that Kirby spits out at his enemies.

List of Stars (or entities with 'Star' in their names)[edit]

  • Ability Stars are star-shaped objects that contain the essence of a Copy Ability. They often fall out of Kirby when he is hit by a strong attack or can be discarded at will.
  • Assist Stars are star-shaped bubbles that hold Food items, which can be stored for later use.
  • The Friend Star is a special star-shaped vehicle that Kirby and his allies can ride on in Kirby Star Allies. It also can transform into the Star Allies Sparkler.
  • Bonus Stars are collectable items in Kirby's Epic Yarn which add sections to the Goal Game wheel at the end of the stage.
  • Heart Stars are collectible items from Kirby's Dream Land 3 which are obtained from various denizens of Popstar in gratitude for tasks that Kirby can perform in each stage. Collecting them is necessary to obtain the true ending of the game.
  • Mr. Star is a character from Kirby's Super Star Stacker who is blasted into pieces by King Dedede. Kirby helps him put himself back together again by collecting the pieces from various foes.
  • Point Stars are collectible stars that take on various forms throughout the series. Collecting enough of them will net Kirby a 1-Up.
  • Planet Popstar is Kirby's star-shaped home world. Other planets are often referred to as 'stars' as well.
  • Recoil Stars are stars that appear after Bosses and Mid-Bosses perform certain attacks, which Kirby can inhale and spit back at them.
  • Secondary characters can jump to Kirby's location using a Space Jump, which temporarily transforms them into a star.
  • Sparkling Stars are objects that provide light and energy to Dream Land. King Dedede once stole them, prompting Kirby to go get them back.
  • Star Blocks are a regular occurrence in Kirby games and can be smashed or inhaled.
  • Star Bullets are Kirby's primary means of attack when he has no Copy Ability.
  • Star Dream is an ancient computer once appropriated by the Haltmann Works Company to fuel their operations.
  • The Starship is a flying spacecraft that Kirby uses to battle Galactic Nova.
  • The Star Rod is a weapon that allows Kirby to fire star-shaped projectiles at Nightmare.
  • The term Star Warrior is used in the anime to refer to a specific order of warriors who keep the peace in the universe - Kirby and Meta Knight being the most noteworthy examples.
  • The Triple Star Cane allows Kirby to fire up to three star-shaped projectiles outward, which will then return to him.
  • The Warp Star is a regularly occurring star that allows Kirby to travel great distances by riding it.
    • Similarly, other such vehicles, like the ones in Kirby Air Ride, are often referred to as 'Stars'.

And finally, there are a great deal of background stars, as one might expect, in the night sky in various places. There are also places where Kirby walks on stars, such as the eternal planet Halfmoon. Stars are also used as a decorative motif on all sorts of structures in the series.


Artwork of Kirby using the Star Rod
  • The Japanese name of the Kirby series - Hoshi no Kabi - directly translates to Kirby of the Stars, signifying the importance of stars in the series.
  • On several occasions, the stars from Kirby's home world Dream Land have been stolen and it is up to Kirby to return them to their rightful place.
  • The Star Rod is also the focus of Kirby's Adventure where it has been stolen from the Fountain of Dreams and its absence is upsetting the sleep of the residents of Dream Land
  • A star is often used as the symbol of the Kirby series and is used as such in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby and friends visit many different planets - each of them are called "stars" despite only Popstar having any resemblance to a star.