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Distant, Shining, Yellow Star

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Distant, Shining, Yellow Star is a medley from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe that plays when plays when viewing the "Credits" cutscene in the Theater. It consists of the following themes:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 黄色きいろががやはるかなほし
kiiroku kagayaku harukana hoshiyo
A Distant Yellow-Shining Star
Traditional Chinese 黃色閃耀的遙遠星球啊
huáng sè shǎn yào de yáo yuǎn xīng qiú a
The Distant Star of Sparkling Yellow
Simplified Chinese 黄色闪耀的遥远星球啊
huáng sè shǎn yào de yáo yuǎn xīng qiú a
Dutch Afgelegen gele ster Distant yellow star
French Étoile dorée, distante et lumineuse Golden, distant, luminous star
German Golden-gelber Stern im Fernen Golden-yellow star in the distance
Italian Una stella gialla, lontana e splendente A distant and shining yellow star
Korean 노랗게 빛나는 머나먼 별이여
nolahge bichnaneun meonameon byeol-iyeo
The Distant Star Shining Yellow
Portuguese Estrela amarela brilhante e distante Shining yellow and distant star
Spanish Una estrella amarilla brillante y distante A distant and shining yellow star