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'Sup. I'm Oatmeal (or blurby on the WiKirby Discord). I've been a big Kirby fan since I was a kid, with me being introduced to the jolly pink fuck thanks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Of course, not long after, the three Kirby Wii games (Epic Yarn, Return to Dream Land, and Dream Collection: Special Edition) all hooked me in. I'm in college right now, kinda stumbling my way through life, but if there's anything I can rely on in this confusing world, it's this stupid pink gumball's ability to put a smile on my face.

Games played[edit]

Every Kirby game I've played
Game Thoughts
KDL NA Box.jpg Beat both Story Mode and Extra Game. A chill, 20-minute adventure. Extra Game is BULLSHIT sometimes, but that just makes the inevitable victory so much sweeter.
KA Box.jpg 100%'ed both Story Mode and Extra Game. Very, VERY fun. Probably has one of the worst Extra Games.
KDC Cover.jpg STARTED playing this game on NSO, but never finished it. Oh well, I suck at golf anyway.
KAv Box 2.jpg STARTED playing this game too, also on NSO, but never finished it. Oh well, I suck at Puyo Puyo anyway.
KDL2 Box.png 100%'ed this game, but I didn't even know there was a Boss Endurance until years later. Sadly, one of my least favorite Kirby games (some of these Rainbow Drop puzzles are VERY annoying).
KSS Box NA.jpg 100%'ed this game entirely. Very, very fun. Still holds up rather well, even when stacked up to modern Kirby games.
KSSGB Box.jpg Ehhh... not great at puzzle games, especially the ones where you have to stack stuff.
KSSS Box.jpg REALLY not great at puzzle games.
KDL3 Box.jpg Just like with Dream Land 2, I have mixed feelings on this game. Is it fun? Yes. Did I 100% it several times? Yes. Do I ENJOY it? I couldn't answer that question to save my life.
K64 The Crystal Shards box art.png Once again, the Dark Matter Trilogy games just... ugh. THEY'RE GOOD, I LIKE THEM, BUT MAN are they flawed. 64's a very hit-and-miss games, especially in regards to its puzzles. I've still 100%'ed it several times over, though.
KTnT Box.png This game is some BUULLLLshit.
KNiDL box artwork.jpg Better than Kirby's Adventure, even if only by a little bit. I'm tired of pretending it's worse. I very much enjoy this game, and have 100%'ed it every time I've played.