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Fountain Gardens (theme)

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Fountain Gardens
Various arrangements of "Fountain Gardens".
Debut appearance Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Last appearance Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Composer(s) Tomoya Tomita[1]
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"Theme from Splash Beach (Day)" redirects here. For information about the theme for Splash Beach at night, see Splash Beach (theme).

"Fountain Gardens", named "Theme from Fountain Gardens" in the British English version, is the piece that plays in the stage with the same name in Kirby's Epic Yarn and its remake. It was composed by Tomoya Tomita.


Kirby teeters on a fountain.

According to the composer, "Fountain Gardens" is "a richer arrangement" of the "Flower Fields" theme. He had originally planned to give the song an even fuller arrangement, but stripped it back to a smaller ensemble to match Nintendo's style at the time.[2] The main iteration of this piece is orchestrated and plays in the key of C major in 4/4. Opening with the "Flower Fields" theme played by the piano and triangle and a glissando played by various instruments (piano, violins and harp), something that remains prominent throughout the piece. The melody is performed by a clarinet and seconded by a bassoon and as the strings provide a harmonic base and ornamentation. It consists of a descending tonic triad in second inversion and an ascending scale. It is rhythmically diverse, featuring syncopations and triplets respectively. The melody comes to a resolution after a deceptive cadence followed by an authentic one. The following A flat major section features a more nasal sounding instrument ascending as violins play ornamented descending triads. The first section repeats with some changes, and a final section begins with a piano and piccolo flute duo. It is soon joined by the strings. The "Flower Fields" theme plays several more times in C major, often interrupted by rapid modulations. The melody reaches its highest point, and the track loops after a descending glissando.

The alternate "Secret Island" version has drastically different instrumentation, featuring a solo piano and a variety of percussion instruments. As such, glissandos are omitted, and the piano compensates with the use of chords. This version is nonchalant in character and has a tropical feel, being scored in the style of salsa with a clave rhythm. It plays in B flat major, and the modulations are less prominent. The structure and melody are largely the same, although the "Flower Fields" theme is altered and less prominent.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby's Epic Yarn / Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

"Fountain Gardens" is the earliest orchestrated piece to play in the game. Its different iterations can be heard in the following areas:

Other appearances[edit]

"Fountain Gardens" was rearranged in Kirby Memorial Arrangements album as part of the "Epic Yarn" medley, alongside "Big-Bean Vine", "Snowy Fields" and "Dream Land". This remix was done by Megumi Ohara.

The piece is also prominent in early promotional material for the game it was composed for, such as trailers.

Names in other languages[edit]

Fountain Gardens[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふんすいのにわ
Funsui no niwa
Fountain gardens
French Jardin des fontaines Garden of fountains
German Brunnengärten Fountain Gardens
Italian Giardini sorgivi Wellspring Gardens
Korean 분수 정원
bunsu jeong-won
Fountain gardens
Latin American Spanish Jardines de la fuente Fountain gardens
European Spanish Fuentes Ajardinadas Landscaped Gardens

Secret Island[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ザブンビーチ
Zabun bīchi
Splash beach
French Île secrète Secret island
German Plätscherstrand (Tag) Splash Beach (day)
Italian Spiaggia Splash (giorno) Splash Beach (day)
Korean 풍덩 비치
pungdeong bichi
Splash Beach
Latin American Spanish Isla secreta Secret island
European Spanish Playa Chapuzón (día) Dive Beach (day)


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  2. "I then took the main theme I wrote—heard in Flower Fields—and gave it a slightly richer arrangement. That’s how Fountain Gardens came to be. I initially wanted to use an even richer arrangement for this piece, but I reduced the number of instruments in order to better fit Nintendo’s style and went with a simple, stripped-down ensemble." – (Interview with Tomoya Tomita)