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Why, hello there the unknown reader, I'm Darienow!

This wiki's Discord is what made me create my Discord account.


My Discord Server (now hopefully working!)

Friends on Discord (from WiKirby)[edit]

Samwell, Jellytost♡, kirb


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Darienow's Userboxes
Wii Logo.png This user owns a Wii.
KSS Lololo.png This user is male.
HappyBirthdaySqueakSquad.png This user's birthday is on 11-16.
KTD Mike Kirby Artwork.png This user listens to video game music, mostly Toby Fox (UNDERTALE and deltarune).
UserboxCountryUS.png This user is from the United Kingdom.
SMW This user is a member of Super Mario Wiki.
Nintendo Switch Logo.png This user owns a Nintendo Switch.
DS This user owns a Nintendo DS.
KCC Ball Kirby Artwork.png This user's favorite Kirby video games are Kirby Star Allies, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
KSA Meta Knight Artwork.png This user thinks Meta Knight kinda looks like Kirby behind his mask.
KF2 King Dedede.png This user thinks that King Dedede's logo looks like a rabbit.
BP This user is a member of Bulbapedia.
FD This user is a member of FANDOM.
SKC Mini Platinum.png This user is friends with Samwell.
Jt♡ This user is friends with Jellytost♡.
Kirb profile.png This user is friends with kirb.
KatFL Boxart NA.jpg This user's only Kirby game he currently owns is Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
KSA NESP Pause Screen Artwork.png This user knows every WiKirby user's names, and yours is "the unknown reader".
KatFL Rabiroo screenshot.png This user is a rabbit.
HAL Laboratory logo.png WiKirby is sponsered by Holine Alivel Lightron Laboratory.
HWA This user notices that the "Here we are" phrase in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is refrencing an UNDERTALE song with the same name.
# This user notices important numbers in video games: 86, 666, 42, 427, 432.
EE This user thinks that Dr. Eggman might run Egg Engines.
KatFL Napping Beast figure.png This user owns 2 Crash Bandicoot games. Whoa!
? If you can read this, you are highlighting this text.
HR-D3 This user thinks that King Dedede built HR-D3.
KRtDLD Kirby.png Everyone knows Kirby. Makes attacks two seconds longer.
KRtDLD Kirby.png the unknown reader visited this userpage, but there was nothing here, so they clicked on a link and got back on track.