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Square Kirby

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Official artwork of Square Kirby

Square Kirby is Kirby but with a square body, which was introduced on April 1st, 2019 as the official Japanese Kirby website's April Fool's prank. It was preceded by the Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary prank in 2018.


Japanese description of Square Kirby

The official website gives a description of Square Kirby in Japanese:

Original Translation (unofficial)
星のカービィが四角くなります Kirby Has Become Square
Since his birth in 1992, Kirby has been loved by people all over the world for his unchanging round and pink style. But now, Kirby's shape has changed from "round" to "square".
With this, the staff hopes to give Kirby an edgy charm that will allow for the multi-faceted development of multi-angled products, so that we can create a character who will be loved for years to come.
We look forward to your support for a more stable, square-shaped Kirby.

Descriptions like 多面的 (multi-faceted), 多角的 (multi-angled), エッジィな魅力 (edgy charm), and 安定感 (stable) are all references to squares, in addition to being interpreted as character traits.


The official websites for Kirby Star Allies and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn had their main artwork temporarily replaced with equivalent art of Square Kirby; the banner links to these game's sites on the main page were also changed to match. The Kirby series' Japanese name, 星のカービィ ("Kirby of the Stars"), is altered into 四角のカービィ ("Kirby of the Squares"), with 四角 stylized as a single kanji (四 at the top and 角 at the bottom) to resemble 星. These links lead to pop-up illustrations of Marx, Hyness, or King Dedede clarifying the April Fool's prank, providing actual thumbnails and links to games' sites. The merchandise section of the Square Kirby website features actual square/rectangular products, such as carrying bags for the Nintendo Switch console and a rectangular power bank. The "return to top" button also features Square Kirby with a square helmet in a cannon.

When the prank was over, the site was moved from the main Kirby page to a sub-page, where it can still be accessed today. The bottom of the website is appended with a notice that Square Kirby is a joke and Kirby will remain round as always. The official websites for the previously-mentioned games were also reverted back to their original forms, though their Square Kirby versions were not preserved like the main page was.

In a tie-in to the Square Kirby joke, Qbby became round, and BOXBOY! was changed to マルボーイ ("Round Boy") for April Fool's Day in 2019.[1] In the Channel PPP post announcing Kirby's return to normal, Qbby can be seen in the bottom right corner of the poster. Additionally, Channel PPP speculates that Kirby might have inhaled something strange, implying that he may have inhaled Qbby.


Kirby after copying Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 四角いカービィ[2]
Shikakui Kābii
Square/Rectangular Kirby
  • This Japanese name is used as the Twitter hashtag.