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Official artwork of Square Kirby

Square Kirby is Kirby but with a square body, which was introduced on April 1st 2019 as this year's official April Fool's prank, succeeding the Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary prank in 2018.


The official website gives a description of Square Kirby in Japanese:




The following is the translation:

"Since his birth in 1992, Kirby has been loved by people all over the world for his unchangable round and pink style, but this time, Kirby's shape is changed from round to square now.

In the future ahead, in order to become a character loved for a long time, become more multifaceted in activity and more multiangle in development, and grow into a being with more edgy charm, Kirby and the staff will do their best together.

Best wishes to Kirby, now with more stability in the square shape."

Descriptions like 多面的 (multifaceted), 多角的 (multiangle), エッジィな魅力 (edgy charm) and 安定感 (stability) are all references to squares in addition to being interpreted as character traits.

Japanese description of Square Kirby


The goods section of the Square Kirby website features square/rectangular official goods (not jokes this time), such as carrying bags for the Nintendo Switch console and the rectangular power bank. The "back to the top" button on the website also features Square Kirby with a square helmet in the cannon.

On the official websites of Kirby Star Allies and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, the artworks of round Kirby were temporarily replaced by Square Kirby instead, and opening these websites would lead to pop-up illustrations of Marx, Hyness or King Dedede clarifying this as an April Fool's prank.


  • In collaboration, Qbby has turned round and become マルボーイ ("Round Boy") for the 2019 April Fool's prank as well.[1]
  • Before this April Fool's prank, Square Kirby has appeared as jokes in several official manga series.
  • The Kirby series' Japanese name, 星のカービィ ("Kirby of the Stars"), is altered into 四角のカービィ ("Kirby of the Squares"), with 四角 stylized as a single kanji (四 at the top and 角 at the bottom) to resemble 星.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 四角いカービィ[2]
Shikakui Kābii
Square/Rectangular Kirby
  • This Japanese name is used as the Twitter hashtag.