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Wii Menu title screen

The Kirby TV Channel was a free downloadable Wii Channel application that showed episodes of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It was made available on June 23, 2011 and added new episodes until December 1, 2011. The channel was revived for a second run on April 5, 2012[1] and lasted until September 13, 2012. The application required a Wi-Fi connection to use. 99 episodes in total were streamed; 51 episodes were available during the first run and 48 episodes were available during the second run, using the Japanese broadcast order. Episode 38, A Novel Approach, was never made available.

For both runs, episodes were added every few days and lasted two weeks before being removed. The only exception was Kirby Comes to Cappy Town, which remained on the channel permanently. After viewing an episode, the viewer would occasionally have been granted a "key"; this would allow one to view an episode that was no longer available by spending the key to "unlock" it.

Japan did not receive the Kirby TV Channel, but instead, all 100 episodes of the series (plus an additional special episode, Kirby 3D) were released on the Wii no Ma video-on-demand service starting June 2009. The player could purchase the episodes for 100 Wii Points each. In October 2011, for the anime's 10th anniversary, the episodes were reorganized into groups of five for the same price. On April 30, 2012, the Wii no Ma service was discontinued, meaning users could no longer watch Kirby: Right Back at Ya! from the application.

While there was no North American equivalent of the Kirby TV Channel, three episodes from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! were included in Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, which was never released in Europe or Australia. Additionally, Kirby 3D was later released on the Nintendo Video app for Nintendo 3DS.




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