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Bomb (disambiguation)

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The term Bomb could refer to the following:

  • Balloon Bomb - An item that inflates while held, and will explode once it grows large enough and/or is tossed.
  • Bomb Copy Ability - A copy ability that allows Kirby to toss endless bombs.
  • Bomb object - A bomb that is not tossed by Kirby.
  • Bomb Block - A block with a bomb insignia on it that causes chain reactions when hit.
  • Bomb Nozzle - An item that shoots bombs in an arc when held.
  • Bombar - A Mid-Boss who provides the Missile ability.
  • Bomber - An enemy who resembles a bomb, and explodes after falling.
  • Timed Dynamite - A bomb that will count down to an explosion once interacted with.