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Jeradna's Userbox Tower
UserboxCountryUS.png This user is from the United States.
Kirb profile.png This user is not a Jolly Fellow (please don't kill me Kirb).
👱 This user is male.
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SKC Sticker Waddle Dee 6.png This user's second favorite Kirby character is Bandana Waddle Dee.
SKC Sticker Waddle Dee 6.png This user is not going to stop with these userboxes.
KSA Dream Friend Marx splash.jpg This user's favorite Kirby character is Marx.
KSA Bluster Marx.jpg This user's favorite Marx combo is Bluster Marx
KMA Kirby Brawlball Marx.png This User is CRAZY!
Pink yarn yoshi.png Some of these userboxes are "stolen" from PinkYoshiFan's User page
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KBBl Blaster Bullet artwork.png This userbox tower might be too big

Hello, peeps! My name is Jordan, aka Jeradna (just call me Jeradna). I am fairly new to this wiki, but I think I got the right spirit? Also, as I am fairly new, I don't know how to do many things. Don't expect me to be able to make text like ţ̶̨̥̯̺͎̀͂͗̿́̋́̅͌̓͊̇̂̇͋̍̌͑̍̇̈̂̀̏̚͝h̴̨̛̰͇̮̹̗̺͍͔͈̻̥̟͓̫̝͉̞͚̃͒̆͑̀̈́̎̒̆̑̉̅̃̃̾́̐͑͜͠ḭ̶̙̯̝̭̦͖̫̃̈̽̐̃͂͊̔͂͑̍̅̿̈͘͝s̴̪̅̿̀̔̏́̋̾̂͊͗̅̊͂͒͛̓̓̀͑̍̚ on a daily basis

Note: I am back from my “break” (if you would call it a break, more a period of inactivity), but I still might not be active often, but at least I’m not dead?(yay?)

--yours truly, Jeradna 18:22, April 22, 2022

Update: I am back from another “break”, and like last time, I probably won’t be active much.

--yours truly, Jeradna 20:00, Aug 28, 2022

Colors I use[edit]

Some colors I use are:



Dark Cyan


Kirbo Games I own[edit]

Game Percentage Complete Notes
Kirby Star Allies 105% Crown%, minus completing Soul Melter EX
Super Kirby Clash Made it to grasslands From the unlocking of the Grasslands, I've done: Team Colossal Quad (Toughest), Blocky (Toughest), Spark Bonkers (Toughest), and Miasmoros (Toughest)
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe Made it to Volcano Bare minimum to reach the volcano

psst. Hey, you. Yes, you. What's your name? It's the unknown reader? Okay then. Let's start over.

Psst. Hey, you. Yes, you. Your name is the unknown reader, right? Yes? Wanna know how to do that delfino font? It's simple. Just do <span style="font-family:'Delfino';>text</span>, and put the text where "text" is, and when you're done with the font, put the </span> at the end.