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Variant of the Lawson logo, in use since 1939

Lawson is a Japanese convenience store franchise headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It was founded in 1939 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, by James "J.J." Lawson. It expanded into Japan in 1975, and grew to become the third-largest convenience store franchise there. In contrast, in the United States it was bought out and renamed in 1985. After a 27-year absence from the US, Lawson opened two stores in Hawaii in 2012, and plans to expand back into the mainland US in the future.

Lawson has held various Kirby-themed events since 2017.

In November 2023, the Kirby Portal announced a Kirby-themed event partnering with FamilyMart, a competitor to Lawson, along with the tagline "Always be with", which may indicate and end to events with Lawson. Additionally, there have been no Lawson events since May 2022.


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List of Kirby Portal events hosted at Lawson stores
Post date Image Description Start date End date Link
2017.06.28 KPN Kirby Campaign of the Stars Lawson.jpg The "Kirby of the Stars Campaign" is held at stores nationwide, with merchandise themed around Kirby's 25th Anniversary, and Kirby's Blowout Blast. Food and merchandise is available for purchase. 2017.07.04 N/A Lawson (archived Oct. 2017)
2017.11.15 KPN Kirby Campaign 2.jpg The second "Kirby of the Stars Campaign" is held at stores nationwide. Kirby Battle Royale-themed merchandise is sold. 2017.11.21 N/A Lawson (archived Mar. 2018)
2018.03.05 KPN Kirby Campaign 3.jpg The third "Kirby of the Stars Campaign" is held at stores nationwide. This one has Kirby Star Allies-themed merchandise. 2018.03.12 N/A Lawson
2019.09.05 KPN Lawson Autumn.jpg Kirby and Lawson collaborate and sell original products at various Lawson stores nationwide, including Super Kirby Clash merchandise. 2019.09.17 N/A Lawson (archived Sep. 2019)
2020.11.17 KPN Kirby x Lawson Muteki.jpg Kirby-themed beverages, snacks, and trinkets are available at stores nationwide. 2020.11.24 N/A Lawson
2022.03.03 KPN Lawson 30th.jpg Stores across Japan host a Kirby-themed event. New merchandise is available, including Kirby's 30th Anniversary merchandise, and limited-edition Kirby postcards for those pre-ordering Kirby and the Forgotten Land. 2022.03.07 2022.05.09 Lawson (archived Mar. 2022)
2022.04.18 KPN Lawson Spring.jpg The Kirby x Lawson campaign continues, with new berry cream desserts. 2022.04.26 2022.05.09 Lawson
2022.04.18 KPN Lawson GPS check-in.jpg During the Kirby x Lawson partnership, My Nintendo members can receive special rewards by checking in via GPS at participating stores. 2022.03.07 2022.05.08 Nintendo Japan

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Kirby x Lawson Campaign[edit]

Kirby's 25th Anniversary Campaign[edit]

Kirby's 30th Anniversary Campaign[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 株式会社ローソン
Kabushiki gaisha Rōson
Lawson Co., Ltd.

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